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Walkthrough ArcGIS Server Application in .NET

July 2, 2008

Here is step by step walk through for Developing Web Application without using ESRI templates using  .NET ADF and Microsoft AJax. 

  1. Install ArcGIS Server Web ADF in your development machine.
  2. Assuming  Visual Studio 2005 Installed along with Ajax Extension (ASPAJAXExtSetup). This AjaxExtension contains controls like ‘Timer’, ‘Update Panel’ , ‘Pointer’, ‘Script Manager’, ‘Script Manager Proxy’ , ‘ Update Progress’
  3. Right Click Project in Solution Explorer and Set ‘Add ArcGIS Identity..’ if GIS Server is different from development machine.
  4. Drag and drop –> Map Resource Manager , Map, TOC controls into Default.aspx Page
  5. Set Properties to  MapResourceManager. i.e Add GIS Server, Data etc. You should be added as AGSUSer in GIS Server by the adminstrator.
  6. Right Click Map and Set MapResourceManager to ‘MapResourceManager1’
  7. Right Click TOC control and set Buddy Control to ‘Map1’
  8. In Web Config Set Debug Option to True
  9. Build the site and run the application. You can see Map Service and TOC in the web Browser.

You have successfully developed first sample on your own.