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GIS Interview Questions

December 3, 2008

There were so many requests from the friends and folks asking me to write about some of interview questions for GIS Jobs. I always say that there is no such thing called specific questions asked in all the GIS job interviews, it all depend upon your resume and projects which you worked upon. If you work with .NET or Java, underlying principles are same. Everything is class and objects under the sun. I’m not going to give you a guarantee that these question may appear in your interview rather give you some basics that you must aware of if you work with ESRI products. Here, my aim is educate buddy developers to aware of these questions as well as answers :), not for sake of interview but as a GIS developer by profession. There is no specific order in the questions below.

This post only provides you a question, perhaps reader should come up with the answer, if you don’t know the answer, ping me in comment section.

  1. Define ArcObjects –  click here for answer
  2. What are applications of ArcGIS Desktop – Ans: ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcToolbox
  3. A __________ class represents objects that can be created directly.
  4. A __________ class cannot be used to create new objects, but it is a specification for sub classes
  5. A __________ can’t directly create new objects, but objects of a class can be created as a property of another class or by functions from another class.
  6. What is the basic difference between a command and a tool? – A MUST question
  7. Name the object that is first created when ArcMap starts running
  8. An instance of ArcCatalog has _____ number of templates associated with it by default.
  9. How many instances of an extension can exist per running application
  10. The _________ interface is implemented in order to create a configurable extension allowing users to toggle its enabled state.
  11. Which of the following the default renderer object when a new feature class is loaded?
  12. Which is the interface to which a renderer object can be assigned directly?
  13. Name the interface that can be used to do editing in ArcObjects
  14. Name the interface that can be used to create a new feature?
  15. Define Domain. What are different types of domain
  16. Which is the interface that is used to find a specific version provided its name as string
  17. ___________ merges the current edit version with the target version
  18. What is different between direct connection and through SDE connection?
  19. Define versioning and list its main events
  20. How will release com objects.
  21. If you want to update ‘n’ number of features in featureclass which interface will you use (performance wise)
  22. What is Callback in ArcGIS Server?
  23. Explain security model employed in ArcGIS Server . Whats new in 9.3?
  24. What is projection ?
  25. What are different projection systems and what is difference between projected coordinated system and geographic coordinate system
  26. What is a scale.?
  27. What is geocoding?
  28. What is reverse geocoding?
  29. What is geo-referencing?
  30. What is geo-processing?
  31. What is ArcSDE. What is database which you used?.
  32. If two persons updating the particular row of the table in database?. How does the system work?.
  33. How do you load data into SDE?
  34. How will create a SDE view?
  35. What is an interface to implemented for callback ?
  36. What is difference between queryfilter and querydef?, when to use ?
  37. Difference between IFeatureLayer and Layer
  38. What is generic class used to hold a set of properties for database connection?
  39. Whether every controls in Web ADF has a property “CallBackresults”?
  40. Give few command line ArcSDE commands?
  41. Difference beteween personal geodatabase and enterprise geodatabase
  42. What is ASP.NET AJax model used in ArcGIS Server 9.3 and 9.3
  43. What is BLOB?
  44. What is difference between Overriding and overloading
  45. Difference between abstract class and interface
  46. What is GPS ?
  47. ….many more…

EDIT: Here is nice post from Brain

UPDATE [ JULY , 2009] :  Readers are requested to find answers for the above questions. Please do not write me email/comments to send answers to all questions.