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ESRI ArcGIS Server Flex API sites

January 20, 2009

Here is an interesting thread in ESRI Forums on ArcGIS Server Flex based web sites. Here is the list below

  1. Brain and Royce did a excellent work on Property Information System

Especially:  Street view amazing 🙂

2.  City of Boston: One of first Flex based site and sets trend setter for all the developers

3. Desoto County GIS:  Wonderful site with wide range of tools- especially Export to PDF

4.  Lenexa Kansas: Good Site

5.  NCES Flex Site:

If  there were any other sites developed using ArcGIS Server Flex API  please do ping me on the comment section. Almost all the basic functionality for any public web sites are developed in above sites. To summarise the list of functionalites

  1. Map Navigation – Zoom In/Zoom OUT/PAN/Previous/Back/Full Extent
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Selection Tools- Select by Rectangle/Polygon
  4. Tools – Identify , Measure and Over view map
  5. Print with advanced options with legend, scale along with preview option
  6. Export to PDF with Map Legend, Scale, Symbology
  7. Find address
  8. Show latitude/Longitude on mouse move
  9. Simple Queries and Spatial Queries and showing results in datagrid and export results to excel/CVS
  10. Show attributes information with option to zoom in to seleced feature etc
  11. Integration with Google data

Almost all the basic functionalities can able to develop using Flex API. I firmly believe that Flex API surely going to rock in coming days. If ESRI improves the Flex with more functionalities definitely am sure that Flex will lead among other API’s.