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GIS Engineer (GIS) – Mangalore Location

June 24, 2010

Location : Mangalore , India

Core Experience: 3 Yrs – 5 Yrs

 Total Experience: 5yrs

 Job Description:

 Digitization (Raster to Vector conversion using any kind of GIS tools)

  • GIS Data migration (one format to another format)
  • Creation of spatial and Non-spatial data as per the requirements
  • Able to work with minimum guidelines
  • Deliver assigned tasks on time with expected quality
  • Building Geo-database
  • Ensure data backup of all critical data necessary for business continuity

 Mandatory Skill:

 Knowledge of mapping/geospatial technology, Remote Sensing, GPS, geospatial data(such as 2D, 3D, vector/raster/image data, layers, thematic maps, attributes, projections/datum etc.)

  • Relevant GIS Tools Experience (ESRI ArcGIS / Autodesk AutoCAD Map / MapInfo / Intergraph Geomedia)
  • Digital Image Processing tool experience (ERDAS Imagine, ER Mapper, ENVI)
  • Exposure on RDBMS and programming knowledge
  • Good analytical / problem solving skills


Desire Skills:

 Geospatial Concepts, Remote Sensing skill and ArcGIS Software work experience.

Please send your resume to me (email ID given in contact section) I will forward to the respective concern.




GIS Opening

April 5, 2009

There is an urgent Opening for   “VB+ARCGIS+SQLSERVER” Developer in India. If any one looking for change,

please drop me an email with resume to ID given in the contact section.

As of now, I do not have any other details to share with you.


ESRI Promotional Offer

March 8, 2009

ESRI India Special Software Promotional Offer for Universities/Academics Institutions. This offer is valid till 25th March 2009. If you are studying in a university or academics institutes here is the promotional offer from ESRI India on various packages.

  • Getting Started with GIS

ArcView – Desktop GIS for Mapping, Data Integration and Analysis for everyone to use geographic data to make better decisions. ArcGIS Spatial Analyst – provides a broad range of advance & powerful spatial modeling and analysis tool.

  • Academic Value Pack

ArcInfo Lab Kit – ArcInfo is the most complete desktop GIS. It includes functionalities to create, edit, and analyze Spatial & Non-Spatial data and include advanced Geo-processing tools for performing extensive spatial analysis, data manipulation and high-end cartography.

Available in Single user pack and Multi-user Pack (5 or 10)

  • GIS Developers Pack

ArcGIS Engine – A standard framework for developers to create custom GIS and mapping applications. Cross-platform components compatible with multiple programming languages that enable developers to build GIS Solutions

ArcGIS Server – A complete and integrated server based GIS. It’s a out-of-the-box Web mapping applications and delivers Web services that support spatial data management, spatial analysis and 2D & 3D visualization.

For further information: (Link not working 😦 )

I suggest ESRI to publish the course fee for their courses and do lot more advertisement to bring awareness to many GIS professional/others, who is willing to do GIS course.

How to Write Resume?

February 7, 2009

I have been taking several interviews and also receiving many resumes/CV through readers of my blog.  There were many requests to edit their resumes through my friends and others. I’ll try to help them with my experience.  In past when I was looking for change, several interviewers pointed out mistakes in my resume. I learnt a lot from this. I wish to share my experience to you.

Writing a GOOD resume is an ART.    YES, this is an ART that can be learnt over period of time, but we should know the basics at least . It is not necessary to write a resume using the rules which you have heared through your colleagues or friends or from Internet. It does not have to be one page or follow a specific resume format. Every resume is a one-of-a-kind  communication. If you search in Internet, there were umpteen number of tips/guidance available. I am not going to reproduce the same in this post, rather I would like to share my experiences and learning through this post. If you believe it or not your resume will be accepted or rejected within first 10-15 seconds of scanning is a truth.

  1. First and foremost point is ,do not send one standard template resume which you have for all the job advertisements which you feel you will fit in.  Resume should match with what is job/role advertised.  CUSTOMIZING RESUME IS VERY IMPORTANT. First understand what is asked, what are skill sets expected, what are the skill set desired, tailor your resumes which matches the requirements. I mean build your resume accordingly not fake your profile.
  2. Write your resume from scratch, do not edit your friends resume/template and fill up with your details. This is UGLY. If you do not have time to write your own resume, then how do you expect your employer to have faith in your credentials.
  3. First list down the points in plain paper  what are expectations from the employer, asses whether you are fit for the role. Do not overlook or under-estimate. Be judicious.  If position asked is for technical lead, but you have 1.5 years of experiences then it is unfair to apply.  Self-evaluation is very important.
  4. Resume should have following details at high level
    1. Personal details- Full contact address with accessible Phone numbers

    2. Career Objective/Summary

    3. Summary of skills (the technical page)

    4. Work history (listing the most recent position first)

    5. Any achievements/additional responsibilities/hobbies etc
    6. Referees

  5. Give your contact address correctly with mobile numbers which you can be reached. Many of times your mobile may not be reachable due to bad signal. HR interested in your profile and contact you but when you are not reachable, he simply dumps it and go for other. So provide a contact number which you are accessible and along with timings that help them to plan better.
  6. Most of us copy the career objective or summary from others blindly. We assume that who is going to read objective or asks about it. This is FALSE. I always look at the objective of the resume. One sentence to tell about your carrier. For example, when I interviewed a candidate for technical position, he said he wants to be Business analyst for that reason he is pursuing MBA in distance learning though he have enough experience for that position. I have asked then why do you put “want to be technical architect or solution engineer etc etc” in a objective. He has no answer. I rejected him. When the person is not clear about his objective, then he wont fit for the position. In other way, objectives will be drifted based on business requirements  that’s true, but it is unfair to write some wrong objectives to get a job. So be cautious.
  7. Writing a skill set is very important. I often notice in GIS resumes with below statement. This clearly shows that person does not knows about the product which he/she worked for year or more. Most of people confuse about ESRI Products and their versions and libraries .  Interviewer could clearly gauge his experience with this single line of statement in his/her resume. Avoid such mistakes.
    • ESRI products – ArcGIS Desktop 9.x, ArcCatalog 9.1 and Arcsde, ArcObjects 9.0
  8. In Many GIS profiles comes with “having 4 years of experience in Gis” domain.  Person has 4 years of experience does not know GIS is abbreviation of Geographic Information System and this should be in capital letter . These are costly mistakes. Proof read your resumes.
  9. Give your academic details [% of marks], past experiences correctly. Do not fake on this.  Now a days IT industry is not very good, if they find you are faking you may be black listed. Give your previous employer details [address/phone number of HR/Manager] clearly so that it would be easy to validate them quickly and come back to you for faster process
  10. Understand the person who is taking your interview has many other works, so your resume to should highlight about the projects/technology which you have worked.  On looking at the project description, I could understand what type of project and what you did.  Be clear with what you did. Project has many modules but you might worked with single module which does not involve much of coding  but if you added that I have used this and that library then you will be screwed up and end up in losing the offer.
  11. Work history  should start from the recent one. List the projects and with description, your role/responsibility, team size.   Try to highlight what exactly you have done in that projects. I have came across the one resume, who has given Interfaces which has used for achieving the task he mentioned. I appreciate that, it made easy for me to ask questions on the same direction. It does not mean that every resume should list all the interface. But for that resume that is very apt.
  12. Achievements/Responsibilities – This is like value-addition. If you have judged as MVP or awarded as best team member or any other responsibilities held please write in. These are very helpful in taking decision. If you  have taken any certifications add them too. Hobbies like blogging/technical writing/special recognisation from client are well received. When two persons are selected for same position, these value-addition helps them for decision making
  13. Use Good fonts and draft it neatly with adequate space. Every company uses some jargon for particular job, hence it is must to use the same jargon if you apply for the particular company. First page is very important, mention key aspects there, so that it will be reviewed quickly.  Employer looks for specific skill set put that in appropriate section.
  14. Some of us have some break in education/carrier due to some unavoidable reasons be honest in mentioning that.  Do not try to cover them with unnecessary stuff.
  15. Finally  do spell check. MS WORD comes with Spell Check option to eliminate the silly spelling mistakes. Long back I have sent an resume with a spelling mistake, when interviewer asked on this, I said whether is that so important for this job/role?. He gave one example for the importance of spelling, when a developer did a spelling mistake in his application unknowingly, client has taken that as serious issue and canceled their business that resulted huge loss. Now you say that whether spelling is an important or not?. Will you agree if someone writes your name with wrong spelling. So double check the technical words and proof read.
  16. Send your resume to your friends and ask to them to review. They can find lot of mistakes and we can correct it before we sent across.

Resume is a tool use them effectively.  Little bit of extra effort makes your resumes stand-out among others. As I said in beginning writing an good resume is an art. I try put across the points which I feel important. Though I would not have addressed other points but I hope this would be certainly helpful for you.

If you have any specific doubts or help required please do comment on this post. I’ll try to answer them.  Best of luck and Cheers!

First Anniversary !

January 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary to

Dear All:

I am extremely happy that I have crossed one year in blogging.   I have started blogging Jan 21,2008 , its been a fantastic journey throughout.   Nearly 48000+ hits in one year and lot of appreciation and comments from many . I never thought my blog would reach these many people. I am happy that my posts were useful for the readers.

I take this opportunity to thank all readers who appreciated and encouraged me all the time. I place my sincere thanks to ESRI Folks, Jim Barry, Dave and my friends . I wish to write more useful contents on GIS programming and other topics as well.

I welcome your suggestions and comments to improve my blog further!.  Drop your comments!

Happy reading!


Jim Barry (ESRI)….

“Congrats Lakshmanan on your blog’s one year anniversary!  I only discovered it several months ago, but it quickly became one of the few “go-to” blogs for GIS developers on my short list.  Not only to hear about your experience and insights, but you do a great job keeping the pulse of other technical content out there.  I’m sure it takes a lot of work on your part, but it’s greatly appreciated.  Keep it coming!”

GIS Internship at Bangalore

December 10, 2008

Dear All:

Here is good news for GIS students/developers, there are openings for GIS Developer Internship/Trainees at one of premier software development company at Bangalore, India. He/She should be graduate/postgraduate from a recognized university. If you are final year student looking for projects in GIS development, then this will be your opportunity. For details and contact please send me an e-mail along with your brief details .

UPDATE [FEB,2009] : Above internship offer is closed.

GIS Project requires professional Help

August 8, 2008

HYDERABAD, INDIA: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has decided to seek the help of professional technocrats to complete its Geographical Information System (GIS) project.

A full time project leader and a part-time consultant are being recruited to take the project to its logical end besides verifying data collected and maps done by the six private agencies.

A seven-member committee has been formed to select them and it has the Additional Commissioners of IT, Planning, Works and Finance.

Three outside experts from A.P. Forest Department, Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) and the Andhra Pradesh State Remote Sensing Application Centre (APSRAC) too have been drafted into the panel.

Taking professionals became imperative as GHMC’s own GIS cell has failed to do the job.

An internal note submitted to the Commissioner and Special Officer C.V.S.K. Sarma has pinpointed how the cell headed by a Chief Information Officer (now moved out) has blundered.

Damning report  

“Nothing worthwhile has been delivered by them implies that the cell is in a perpetual hibernation and they are being paid wages for non-performance,” said the report in a damning indictment.

Arguing for reviving the project, the note said that there was “no regular and focused monitoring visible at any stage.”

“The contractors have been left free for themselves and we did not care to validate the data submitted” in July-Sept 2007.

The private agencies “should have completed the work in four months (December 2006) but till date no extension was given to them,” it further stated. Recalling that agency for ex-circle four had ‘vanished’, it said that “no efforts were made to penalise him” or another agency found. “We have been functioning as if there are only six circles and circle four had vanished!”

‘Common thread’  

“GIS and IT are the common thread binding all sections of GHMC and mostly used by taxation, town planning and engineering sections. An officer with commitment…may be kept in charge of both initiatives in the interests” of the corporation, it added.

Inexplicably, the officer heading the GIS cell had been allowed to go scot-free, despite this indicting report, thanks to the benevolence of the top boss.

Source: The Hindu, 8thAug, 2008