ESRI Sliverlight 3.0 released


Finally after a long wait, ESRI sliverlight 3.0 has been released. I am very much looking for this mainly for one reason i.e support for Microsoft Sliverlight 5.0. Most of our client groups have updated with Microsoft Sliverlight 5.0 but our application supports only version 4.0  hence waiting for this release.

There are many features available in latest version, but feature which really impressed me and which I am looking for is below

1. Support for datum transformation for handling projection system changes from client

2. Support for geometry with Z and M values by which order of rings in polygons can be identified.

3. Enhance query options with order by results and generate statistics

4. Beautiful print task , which has been waiting for a long time. Excellent ESRI.

5. Ablity to change layer rendering /order or add layers on fly in map services are the excellent.

Please  click here to read full updates and enhancements.

Really excited to work with the latest API and upgrade our applications.




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