ArcGIS 10.1 – A quick look

Hi Folks,

I am just going through the ESRI and learning what are all new features available in ArcGIS 10.1.  This post talks about the important changes which I have noticed and interests on the new version. There are many more..

1. New look for ArcGIS. This looks really cool at least to me , I like different colors and new fonts.


2.  ArcGIS 10.1 no longer supports VBA environment. So folks be prepared move out of VBA tools. I  have seen lot of data development company uses VBA as primary language for their work. If so, its time to change.

3. ArcGIS 10.0 is the last release that the ArcObjects SDK for Microsoft .NET will support Visual Studio 2008.  ESRI constantly supports MS.

4. Major Change : 

ArcGIS Server 10.0 is the last release with support for 32‐bit operating systems.  The next
release of ArcGIS Server (10.1) will run natively as a 64‐bit application, requiring 64‐bit operating
systems. [Added 8/18/2011] This includes the ArcSDE technology component of ArcGIS Server
known as the ArcSDE application server.

We have faced enough problems with 32bit/64 bit platforms on ArcGIS server. Thanks ESRI 🙂

5.  ArcGIS server 10 is last release of using MXD. From 10.1 , all are MSD’s. This is an interesting change. Need to check how compatablity of MSD’s with Web API’s.

6.  Cool feature: Installation of ArcGIS server made easier – No SOM and SOC’s

With the new architecture of of ArcGIS Server 10.1 ,  accounts are no longer required for ArcSOM and ArcSOC processes. SOM and SOC’s are no longer used. Instead one account is used to run the ArcGIS Server process .  The rest of the configuration is done through the updated manager. This is very good stuff. One who installs and maintains Server know how to difficult with all these accounts .

7. ArcGIS Server 10.1 will be the last planned release for the ArcGIS Server Web ADFs, No DCOM support, web editing functionality of default Web ADF will no longer be supported.  Custom developed applications from business partners and users using fine grained ArcObjects through DCOM will not be supported. We are already started using Geoprocessing Framework and SOE;s

8. AUTOMATIC REST CACHE clearing . This is MUST required

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5 Responses to “ArcGIS 10.1 – A quick look”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    No SOM & SOC!!
    What a pleasure!

    Great blog Mr Laks!

  2. pragneshmpatel Says:

    Time to move on flex & silverlight !!
    .Net no longer supported 😦

  3. iamlaksh1 Says:


    how you man???

  4. GIS Says:

    can we get a sample of ags 10.1

  5. Arun Epuri Says:

    Nice article on 10.1.

    But there is no proper Help available for 10.1 and as well internal process flow no where mentioned clearly in esri site.

    Even though they used 64-bit. The performance is slow in 10.1 then compared to previous versions.

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