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I’m stumbled on seeing the ideas posted on ESRI site  One of the reason why ESRI products rule the geospatial industry they care of their customers and listen them .  When I read the ideas, I wanted to add my view point on them.

1. Providing GUI for ArcSDE – This is one of the top most ideas on the list. Yes, I completely agree with this, still we are using old command line for creating views etc.  This SDE UI or call it dashboard is much essential for a developer/admin. List of current users, roles, permissions, locks, no of versions are minimal information required every time. 

2. Print Operation via REST API :  The long standing request/ehancement from many web developers around the world. Ablity to add custom graphics similar to SOAP is required. Without out of box print functionality in any client side API is waste. Though we have several work arounds but ‘Print’ functionality is most common used one by every user. Hence this occupies prime importance

3.  Automate Clearing the REST cache :  This is very important atleast for me, why so?. If you have ever developed Geoprocessing services and publish them, you can feel my pain. Whenever service is updated or changed, REST cache needs to be cleared, we need automated cache clearing techniques .  Presently, ESRI provides admin login with predefined clearing cache option but does not works out well.  Most of times I have faced issues because of rest cache.  I see this REST cache as GHOST.  You will not be know what is happening/happened. I suggest ESRI to come with simple and neat REST implementations atleast.

4. Table of Contents, Scale, Labelling using REST API:   ESRI REST API is simple and fine but it is not consumable. Not every one develop big enterprise application with all functionalities but basics like legend, whenever layer is toggled on/off updating TOC on client side, scale dependent rendering, labelling from client side are few basic functionalities required by common end user. If REST API is updated for this then it will be great

5. Spatial Operations using REST API :  Though it looks like I am asking more, but few basic geospatial operations can be given in REST like “Intersection” (mother of all geospatial operations) .

6.  Better Caching Process:  Here is the link about my adventures on caching . I want ESRI to come with best caching process with UI .

7.  REST API Error Logs:  REST API throws hidden errors like 500, 400 etc. This does not help developer any way. We need to have a look at server logs and arrive at probable cause. I want better error message from REST API. If you develop Geoprocessing service, error handling is critical task.

8.Ability to control which SOC machine runs a service: When working with a distributed installation, it would be ideal to control which services run on a specific SOC Machine. This would allow certain, more robust machines to run only Geoprocessing or Geodata Services. It would be good to even specify which Map Services will run on a SOC to better balance resources across the system. I completely support this idea. Great!

9. ESRI Licensing System :  I want ESRI simplify their licensing system. Unless if you are experienced professional, ESRI licensing is always confusing.  I want write a seperate post on ESRI licensing system.  Licensing system is complex, I have seen many managers/sales people difficult to understant what is required for them. I would suggest ESRI to come with simple license plan.  There should be seperate section/web page to provide support/help on products .

10. Other general  :

  1.  Recyle bin for Arccatalog,
  2.  Editing column names and resizes after creation,
  3.  Allow privledges to be set for feature classes within a feature dataset
  4. Adding extent operation on client API,
  5. Better control of feature layer labeling through REST
  6. others

3 Responses to “Submit your Idea”

  1. shanoboy Says:

    Great suggestions! I’d also like to see some sort of batch process tool for exporting many MXDs to PDF or image files. I’ve seen apps in arc scripts that do this, but something built into Toolbox that could be used in a model would be much better and reliable.

  2. Charlie Pharly Says:

    I think the GUI is a good idea however going on what you said I have always created Views, permissions etcetera via Toad (running on Oracle 10).

    I understand there are open source equivalents to Toad should you not wish to be parting with money.

  3. ha Says:

    my opinions:
    1. Providing GUI for ArcSDE – If it is for running the sde commands then okay otherwise it is not a viable solution as roles ,locks and connections are part of the database engine you are using. These information you can get with your management tools which comes with the database soft.

    7. REST API Error Logs:- Error 400 and 500 are not related to Rest api as these are Http errors. Even if you through a proper java/.net error within the rest app in the client side you will get 500 erro and you need to identify the actual error from the description or from the internal exception object if you are using any client other than javascript

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