One of friend have some doubts on ESRI Sliver Light API, here are below details. If you have answers or work arounds, please ping me.

We are developing a GIS Web application using ESRI silver light APIs. For our application we are using Dynamic map layers and we also developed a customized TOC. We are experiencing following issues with some of the mandatory requirements for our application.

Issue# 1:

Now we want to know whether ESRI silver light SDK provide any way to get the scaling property for individual layers which will help us to bind our TOC check boxes as enabled /disabled on the layers which are scaled as particular zoom level.

Upon searching many forums, we saw the following link in ESRI forums, which suggest that REST API does not return anything related to scale. We want to know how we can achieve this requirement.

REST API does not provide the parent node or child node from the mxd.

Issue# 2:

Also we would like to know how to get legends for individual layers in Silver light. We have functionality where we need to show dynamic legends information i.e. show legends for only those layers which are enabled/visible at particular zoom level.  As we zoom in / out, the legends also get refreshed as per the scaling assigned for layers in MXD.


There is the other issue with the print output, we have designed a template in MXD layout view for print output where we also inserted the legends, now whenever we call the print functionality the legends size get vary on successive prints.

One of our friendsalso posted this issue on ESRI forums, but we have not got any positive response on this. Following is the Link which was posted

Thanks in advance.


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