Happy GIS Day – 2009


Wiki Says : GIS Day is a grassroots educational event that enables geographic information systems (GIS) users and vendors to open their doors to schools, businesses, and the general public to showcase real-world applications of GIS.

GIS Day is a global event. Organizations all over the world that use GIS, or are interested in GIS, participate by holding or sponsoring an event of their own. In 2005 more than 700 GIS Day events were held in 74 countries around the globe. The first GIS Day occurred in 1998.

GIS Day is held in the third week of November each year, on the Wednesday during Geography Awareness Week, a geographic literacy initiative sponsored by the National Geographic Society.

GIS Day 2009 will be held on Wednesday, November 18, 2009.

Wish you all Very Happy GIS Day 2009

Have a great day!






6 Responses to “Happy GIS Day – 2009”

  1. Abhijit Sarkar Says:

    Thank you very much for giving such valuable information.I will surely celebrate GIS day along with my friends in my Institute.Thanks.Cheers.

  2. Yesudas Says:

    Happy GIS day dear.

  3. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Thank you Yesudas!

  4. Rajesh Says:

    Thank you

  5. shanta deepa tripathy Says:


  6. lassitani Says:

    Hello, I hope I’ll remember the day this year! 🙂 Will you make a post about it before the day?

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