Chennai’s digital map from SOI

7 August 2009 CHENNAI, India:

“The Chennai Corporation’s efforts at technology-aided infrastructure development have got a fillip with the Survey of India completing the digitalised mapping of a majority of the city’s area. Survery of India has submitted 146 sq km of digitised maps of the city. The agency’s geo spatial data centre in the city is all set to complete the remaining 26 sq kms by the end of August. The digitial map, on a scale of 1:1000 is part of the GIS enabled services to help government departments to formulate schemes and plan infrastructure development. The utility mapping project of the Union Planning Commission was formulated with an objective to create large-scale digital maps with data like water, sewage, electricity, police and fire superimposed on them with the support of service agencies, like the corporation, Metrowater, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board and the police. The National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA), Hyderabad had completed aerial photography of Greater Chennai in April 2007. Following clearance from the Defence, NRSA handed over the photos to the Survey of India, for digitising the map with additional attributes through physical survey. About 50 technical staff from various states like Rajasthan and neighbouring Andhra Pradesh prepared field attributes like names of streets and landmarks. Corporation properties like public convenience, ward offices, health posts, schools, community halls and street lights will be added soon. The civic agency has also floated tenders to survey the field attributes for another 50 sq km for which digitised maps are available. At present, the agency has data only on paper maps, which are inaccurate and difficult to manage.”

This is really good news for GIS researchers/professionals.  If this data has been used properly by the govt agencies like CMDA and Utilities Dept there can be lot of improvement in present system can be achieved.  I would appreciate, if this data has continuously updated and maintained by Govt dept will be valuable asset in all aspects of decision making. During my college days,  I have digitized entire chennai map and used them for my thesis.  I wish govt agency should share the data to researchers /educationalist


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2 Responses to “Chennai’s digital map from SOI”

  1. jagananthan Says:


  2. sthuthis Says:

    Where do you gain access to the Survey of India GIS map for Chennai ? I need to be able to download to use with qgis. Please respond ASAP.

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