Yahoo Map in Adobe Flex

You may be surprised on seeing this post if you are continuing following my blog posts and me.  I’m ESRI supporter and die hard of fan of  all their products.  But, I always extend my support to other good products in the industry. As ESRI taking path of Microsoft VE against Google Maps is an known issue.  If you don’t have MS VE or Google, still you can build mapping application using Yahoo Maps.!

Yahoo! Maps AS3 Component . This provides nice features equivalent MS/Google API. I dont have cost based comparison of all the three but am certain that Yahoo Maps will be equal to them.

The Yahoo! Maps API is a free service for any application that is free of charge and does not exceed the rate limit of 50,000 requests a day. Please see the information on rate limiting, API licensing and the maps API usage policy for more information about building your application with Yahoo! or requesting an exception to the rate limits.

I will come up with features comparison in near future as am making my hands dirty in learning the Yahoo Maps.


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