Flex API 1.2 Released

ESRI has released Flex version 1.2 on few days back. Here is link to download the latest API.

# New features:

* Routing using ArcGIS Server (requires ArcGIS Server 9.3.1).
* Microsoft Virtual Earth mapping
* Microsoft Virtual Earth geocoding
* Renderers [Class break, Unique and Simple]
* GraphicUtil.getGraphicsExtent() from Util returns the extent for an array of graphics. [ No need of
looping and get the extent]
* WebMercatorUtil projects coordinates between 4326 (lat/long returned by Virtual Earth geocoding)
and 102113 (Web Mercator – used by Virtual Earth tiled layer).- Straight punch
* Text wrap function and some bug fixes.

This is really great news that ESRI heading towards Microsoft Virtual Earth. Download and enjoy the new flavour.


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