ESRI Developer Summit News-1

Hi All

I’m going to list down the plenary sessions key points from Dev Summit, Palm Springs.  I am going to summaries based on James Fee and other developers.

  1. There are over 1,100 developers at the DevSummit this year from 41 countries .  Tech Sessions will be recorded and placed on the ESRI Resource Centers, where technical sessions will be put much later.
  2. Jim talks about the road from 9.3 to 9.4.  9.3.1 ships “May”.  9.4 will go beta around the 2009 UC.
  3. Demo on how 9.3.1 adds functionality to tune map services automatically.  No longer  you have to figure out what layers are slowing down your maps.  Run the analyze tool and get errors and warnings to show what is slowing your services down.  [NOTE: We have separate ESRI tool available to find the performance of mxd. It generates pretty nice XML with nice stats and times for different scale levels]
  4. Flex Demo-   Demo shows importing data (xls file) directly into the client side application (Really??. I have not seen so far ).  Adobe is here Dev Summit and is having a get together.  Quite a change from the past.  Flex API has matured a lot and provides all basic functionalities.
  5. Others….

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