ESRI Microsoft Silver Light API Beta

I have been chatting with my friend who works for Microsoft India. We discussed lot about security and domain and finally I asked about Virtual Earth.  He said there is team working on this  in his office.  ESRI also released The ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight™/WPF™ beta release on March 20th. Here is the link for more details on their API and samples to get start with.

I believe that all core MS fans will be very happy to work Silver light API  from now on. ESRI has announced long back but before their dev summit they have released this . I’, m  indeed happy on looking at their API.  When I writing this post, am downloading Silverlight on my lappy. Hence  I have to wait for couple of mintues to have look in and start play with.

These days I primarily work with Flex API. But am very eager to know on the SL API. Many of colleagues where keep watching on this.   Let us cheer ESRI for another flavour of their API to their clients/developers. Kudos!

I’m waiting for Monday on Developer summit and videos to catch up the action. I remember Jim mentioned that this ESRI will upload their session videos in one hour after the session is over. This is very glad news for people like me and working late night to see action.


2 Responses to “ESRI Microsoft Silver Light API Beta”

  1. Pragnesh Patel Says:

    hi laxman,
    i was trying to open samples on esri.
    but not successful. it gives error “unhandled error in silverlight 2 application”

    i am using ie7.

    are you able to run it properly?

  2. iamlaksh1 Says:


    Try in Mozilla Firefox working fine

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