ESRI Promotional Offer

ESRI India Special Software Promotional Offer for Universities/Academics Institutions. This offer is valid till 25th March 2009. If you are studying in a university or academics institutes here is the promotional offer from ESRI India on various packages.

  • Getting Started with GIS

ArcView – Desktop GIS for Mapping, Data Integration and Analysis for everyone to use geographic data to make better decisions. ArcGIS Spatial Analyst – provides a broad range of advance & powerful spatial modeling and analysis tool.

  • Academic Value Pack

ArcInfo Lab Kit – ArcInfo is the most complete desktop GIS. It includes functionalities to create, edit, and analyze Spatial & Non-Spatial data and include advanced Geo-processing tools for performing extensive spatial analysis, data manipulation and high-end cartography.

Available in Single user pack and Multi-user Pack (5 or 10)

  • GIS Developers Pack

ArcGIS Engine – A standard framework for developers to create custom GIS and mapping applications. Cross-platform components compatible with multiple programming languages that enable developers to build GIS Solutions

ArcGIS Server – A complete and integrated server based GIS. It’s a out-of-the-box Web mapping applications and delivers Web services that support spatial data management, spatial analysis and 2D & 3D visualization.

For further information: (Link not working 😦 )

I suggest ESRI to publish the course fee for their courses and do lot more advertisement to bring awareness to many GIS professional/others, who is willing to do GIS course.


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