ESRI Logo Visible

Here is another work around for keeping ESRI logo visible to false using ESRI Flex API.  When you add service and set logovisible equals to visble it wont work. This is an API restriction.

“Turning off the logo is only possible if you connect to your own ArcGIS Server (not counting ArcGIS Online).”

Connecting to your own ArcGIS Server means using ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer or ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer. We have multiple server licenses but have some networks where we run directly with pre-cached tiles/embedded data. There were ‘n’ number of ways to get the data, this restriction is pain.

Here is code to Hide ESRI Logo from ESRI Forum Courtesy: Guilhem Vellut

function reallyHideESRILogo(map : Map) : void {
  for(var i : int = 0 ; i < map.numChildren ; i++){
    var component : UIComponent = map.getChildAt(i) as UIComponent;
    if(component.className == "StaticLayer")
       for(var j : int = 0 ; j < component.numChildren ; j++){
         var stComponent : UIComponent = component.getChildAt(j) as UIComponent;
         if(stComponent.className == "Image"){
           stComponent.visible = false;

It seems pretty good alternative, but whenever layer gets loaded this function needs to be called.

One Response to “ESRI Logo Visible”

  1. Jordi Says:

    Hi! This solution works for me and I tried to use another one to replace logo and add my logo instead of ESRI’s one. I would like to know if it is possible to change the url of link when logo is clicked. It seems when logo is clicked is always redirecting to url:

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