First Anniversary !

Happy Anniversary to

Dear All:

I am extremely happy that I have crossed one year in blogging.   I have started blogging Jan 21,2008 , its been a fantastic journey throughout.   Nearly 48000+ hits in one year and lot of appreciation and comments from many . I never thought my blog would reach these many people. I am happy that my posts were useful for the readers.

I take this opportunity to thank all readers who appreciated and encouraged me all the time. I place my sincere thanks to ESRI Folks, Jim Barry, Dave and my friends . I wish to write more useful contents on GIS programming and other topics as well.

I welcome your suggestions and comments to improve my blog further!.  Drop your comments!

Happy reading!


Jim Barry (ESRI)….

“Congrats Lakshmanan on your blog’s one year anniversary!  I only discovered it several months ago, but it quickly became one of the few “go-to” blogs for GIS developers on my short list.  Not only to hear about your experience and insights, but you do a great job keeping the pulse of other technical content out there.  I’m sure it takes a lot of work on your part, but it’s greatly appreciated.  Keep it coming!”


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7 Responses to “First Anniversary !”

  1. Neeraj Says:


    This success lies in the initiative of Lakshmanan and interests of GIS community.

    Many drops makes ocean. We would see more and more participation in coming year.

  2. Raichand Says:

    Dear Lakshmanan,

    Congratulation for the anniversary.I hope there will be more helpful things for GIS programmer in your blog in coming years.

    Please add two more questions to interview questions.

    1.What are the classes and co classes you are using?many interviewer ask this.

    2.What is a feature class?
    3What is a feature layer?
    4.How both are related?

    Please store Arcobjects(C# and Java) Tutorilas and samples,Like ArcObjects(VBA) samples in


  3. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi RaiChand:

    Thanks for your wish. Here is the difference:

    A layer defines “how” a feature class is displayed in ArcMap. A layer is basically a pointer to the feature class, or data source, and contains information such as feature symbology and labeling expressions. Feature classes don’t store that type of information. A feature class is the actual data. Does that help? There are more detailed descriptions in the ArcGIS Desktop Help. I have written seperate post on this.

    There are lot AO samples available in ESRI site.

  4. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Thanks Neeraj!

  5. Jejy Jose Says:


    Congragulations from my side also. I still remember the day when you were proposing the idea of a blog and you were getting the bits and pieces together. The net result is really remarkable as I see it today.

    The world needs more. Keep the tide flowing

    Thanks & Regds

  6. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Thanks Jejy. It is made possible because of people like you who supported and encouraged me.

  7. Prasad Says:

    Hello sir,
    This is prasad iyer here , i hv completed diploma in civil engg, after 10 th. then done wth java technologies and Gis softwares ( Autodesk map, Arc view, Arc gis 9.1,Erdas , Microstations).
    Want to persue my carrier in Gis. pl help me get some Pg courses in which i will b eligilbe .
    wtng 4 ur rep.
    Thanking you.

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