Mumbai Navigator

I have really enjoyed the navigator site developed by IITB . This site was developed by Prof Abhiram Rande and other Masters students from CSE dept of IITB. Really great effort. They have developed using OpenLayers and the bus stops layer is generated using MapServer.

As a transportation Engineer, am not sure whether any routing engine is used behind the scene or not. Generally developing routing application for Indian conditions is very tough. Anyways, Best wishes to team who developed this.


One Response to “Mumbai Navigator”

  1. vijay patil Says:

    I checked, yes they seem to be using MapServer and OpenLayers library.

    For applications like Mumbai Navigator, getting updated, complete and accurate data from public transportation organizations (like BEST) is very essential.

    To solve the problem of creating, managing and publishing schedule data, we recently developed a product, using MapServer and OpenLayers. In case you are interested more information please see :

    We are hiring engineers to work on future version of the product. Please contact me if any of your friends with knowledge MapServer and OpenLayers, public transportation are looking for a job at a start up company.

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