GIS Courses in India

I’ve seen lot of questions on forums or other networking sites about  courses in GIS. I would like to list them which I known/heared in India.Definitely this post might help many. I wrote this post long back and had time to post today.

GIS course in the sense any degree/diploma offered by university (recognized by Govt) .

  1. Institute of Remote Sensing – College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Chennai                                                B.E  –  Geo Informatics and M.Tech – Remote Sensing  and frequently conduct certification based training courses in GIS
  2. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay – B.Tech and Masters in Remote Sensing
  3. Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics, Pune,
  4. Bharathidasan University, Trichirapalli – PG Diplomo in GIS; M.Tech in GIS
  5. Madras University, Chennai – PG Diplomo and M.Sc Geography
  6. Centre for Spatial Information Technology – JNTU – Hyderabad – M.Tech in GIS
  7. NeST Cyber Campus, Aluva, Kerla – Private Institute – Course on GIS Application Development
  8. Mysore University
  9. The National Power Training Institute (NPTI), Faridabad PG diploma in GIS and Remote Sensing. Click here for details NPTI website (
  10. Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS)- Deharadun- Course are listed below-                                                            Web site:
  • M.Tech (RS & GIS)
  • M.Sc (Geoinformatics and Geohazards)
  • PG Diploma & Certificate (RS & GIS)
  • PG Diploma & Certificate (Geoinformatics and Geohazards)
  • NNRMS sponsored certificate courses

and many other unknown institutes providing courses in GIS. But many of the private institutes lacks credibility.  I strongly suggest that many of the courses in these education institutes lacks programming courses that’s most wanted in present industry scenario. Any one can add on the list.

Refer this link:

[UPDATE : Dec, 2009] : I’m getting so many emails asking for collges /Universities.  This posts lists all the colleges/Universities which is  known to me.  Before writing , please have a look and search in respective college/institue details, course, fee structure etc.  If you have any specific doubts please write back to me. I will try to clarify to best of knoweledge. Thanks!


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498 Responses to “GIS Courses in India”

  1. dev Says:

    HI, Just a small correction.
    3 is Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics, Pune, and offers a UGC approved MSc degree from Symbiosis International University.
    Please look at for more details.

  2. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Thanks dev..I’ve couple of friends SIG!

  3. Zabiullah khan Says:

    Dear Sir,
    i wan to join in your GIS course please let me knwo the fee and duration

  4. iamlaksh1 Says:

    I do not conduct any courses. There are lot of institutes offering GIS courses at different level, kindly check their web site. I assume you are located in India, let me know if you need any details

  5. NishiKanth Says:

    Indian Geoinformatics center, Chennai, India (ESRI INDIA’s Authorized Learning center) is the place to get trained in your Arcgis products.for more information Visit

  6. sushant sawant Says:

    I have complited graduation (BA) in Geography, am i able to take admission for GIS or Remote sensing?

  7. iamlaksh1 Says:


    Surely you can take up the GIS/Remote sensing admissions. Pl check with the universities mentioned in the post. Wish you a good luck.

  8. purnima joshi Says:

    i am purnima ! i am doing B.A in geography am i eligible for symbiosis geo-informatics’s course ?

  9. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Purnima,

    Please check the below link for details

    Good luck!

  10. PRASAD IYER Says:

    I am Prasad iyer. I have compled diploma in construction technology from {MSBTE},and i want make my career in GIS, I hv already started
    a certification course in GIS from SPCE { MUMBAI} .
    Pl do guide in getting some universities in which a diploma holder is eligible for degree in gis .

  11. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Prasad:

    I do not have ready made answer for your question, but certainly sure that some educational institutes have GIS courses where diplomo is eligible. I will try to get more info on this. Wish you a good luck.

  12. pallab kumar Deb Says:

    I’m a Bangladeshi. I have completed M.Sc in Geography & Environmental studies. At present I’m a Lecturer in Geography, in a Government college. I want to do a diploma course on GIS for my professional betterment. Would you help me doing the course.

    Sincerely yours

  13. iamlaksh1 Says:

    What sort of help do you expect from me?.

  14. parviz Says:

    see man , after 6 months for coming to india now i am confused,in my country i search for rs and gis and after came to india ,i am confused,for more search i find more result,even mysore university gis course don’t have a credit and don’t have a good university and only one labratory,and one class.

    i want msc rs and gis ,after don’t finding i went to geology university for remote sensing and gis dessertation and again i want change course to rs &gis course or geoinformatics,i am confuse now ,wich universities is good for study and how many universities we have? which place have a rs gis or gis only…

  15. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Parviz:

    There are many universities/colleges listed above offers M.Sc in RS and GIS. I would like to know what is your confusion first?. Are you confused the university/college which offers good curriculam/infrastructure. First chart out what is your requirement and analyse the institutes which has Msc course and then come to decision. Let me know if you need any help on making decision. Rank the college based on Infrastructure, facilities, locational advantages, placement opportunities etc., that would be ideal way to draw conclusion.

  16. Satya Says:

    Please visit the website of GIS Institute (
    We offer UNIGIS PG Diploma course and also Certificate courses in GIS and Remote Sensing.

    Dr. Satya

  17. ganesh Says:

    dear sir
    my self ganesh shinde .i have compleated B.E. production.i want to made my post graduation in GIS.What sources are available for me and where ? can you guide me?

  18. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Ganesh:
    I have given all the colleges/institutes offering course in GIS. Let me know what sort of guidance you expect from me.

  19. parviz Says:

    Dear iamlaksh1

    thank u for answer and thank u for your good blog.

    In first time i did decide for gis in maharajas but i underestand that college have an only gis and don’t have a remote sensing,and after dissapointing of that i dissapoint in serching of rs & gis universities in india and after this i went to msc. applied geology and i forgot the msc gis& rs but i will decide after the finishing the msc applied geology cource i will go to pg rs & gis.
    ok this is a question?

    you can help me for this problem because i don’t know which area and city in india have a pg rs & gis and which one is better,and which one is good and cheap fee.

    And after this i will decide working on dissertation about remote sensing and gis in msc applied geology but i don’t know which area in this subject of remote sensing and gis have a good benefit for my future job,like the ground water ,geomorphology mapping,geology mapping,and etc.
    i telling you about future job and directing to dissertation.
    it’s important for me.

  20. ANKITA Says:


  21. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Ankita:

    Definitely there are some colleges (ex. Madras University and Mysore University has MA Geography) they have GIS/RS as part of their curriculam. You can search in other universities too. Regarding course (I assume as software), if you want to be a GIS Software Engg, I suggest you to do courses in ArcObjects and .NET/Java. There are some institues offering such specialised courses. It depends on the location where you are. As part of mark is concern, Indian govt rules apply.

    Best Wishes for you!

  22. alibaba Says:

    hi sir
    if possible you will writing in this blog the address of pg rs & gis universities or colleges for study in pg rs & gis,i have a bachelor of geology.

    thank you

  23. iamlaksh1 Says:


    I don’t have postal address of the universities/colleges. Kindly search in Google. Let me know if you require specific help.


  24. Anil Kumar Thakur Says:

    Dear Sir;
    I want to admission in your intitution at Graduation level diploma
    So requestly give me more knowladge about these courses with fees details.And career after completed.
    I am waiting for your answer.
    thanking you.

  25. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Anil:

    I’m not conducting any GIS courses as such. The post gives you various colleges and institues offering GIS courses at different level. Kindly contact respective college/university. Let me know if you need any addtional help.

  26. prathap Says:

    Dear Mr.Laksh,

    All the queries and your answers have come in handy for me and i hope to a lot others too. A good venture u are upto. keep that up.

    I am a survey engg, (B.E) by profession, working for 6 years now. I had chosen GISinstitute in Noida for a PG diploma course of a year which I preferred going for in 2009. Your list does not have that college. May i know why u have not considered that college? Dont we have any colleges in or around Bangalore?My preferred stream would be working on softwared development or application related to this.

    Which course and college would u have preferred if you were in my position? …. your comments would be valuable for me. kindly do reply.


  27. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Pratap:

    Thanks for your comments. Some how I missed GISInstitute at Noida. I think one person added that comment section. There is no specific such reason for missing that. Are you asking college in Banglore for doing degree or institute of doing GIS course. Please be clear. If you want to come to IT, then you should be good in any programming language and a database is must. I can help you in taking decision rather I cannot think from your shoes. Best of luck.

  28. aditi banerjee Says:

    Dear Mr Laksh,

  29. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Aditi:

    I suppose mysore university has course in GIS/RS. Please check their website. Have you checked with Bangalore University?. Let me gather some information and post across. Best of luck!

  30. prathap Says:

    thanks for the reply laksh.
    well, im preferring GIS course. so looking for a insitute of gis course not a degree. If around bangalore, it would be helpful for me.
    One of my friend is a diploma holder, are there possibilities of him getting an opening to pgd course in GIS?

  31. iamlaksh1 Says:

    I’m not very sure of institutes offering GIS course (in AO/programming) in Bangalore. Let me find out and reply you. For your second question, it varies university to university. I request you to check respective college/university.

  32. reagan Says:

    i woul like to become a gis and remotesensing what i must do in my qualification but now i have +2 and diploma in modern office pratice but i ll intersed in this field what i can do now i have 24 i f i do any distance degree after ill get this course pls tell or guide me thanking you

  33. iamlaksh1 Says:

    I appreciate your interest in doing GIS and RS course. I need some more details from you before answering this question. First from which country you belong too.

  34. Saptarshi Chowdhury Says:

    Well, I am Saptarshi Chowdhury, from Guwahati, Assam, India.

    I completed my B.Sc in 2008, with geography honours, and Geology and Environmental science as pass courses, and secured 60% in the final exams.

    I am really interested in Geo-Informatics, and for which I took geography in my graduation level.

    I checked institutes like- BIT, Mesra; GIS Institute, Noida; University of Pune; Jiwaji University, Gwalior; Bhubaneswar University; and IIRS; for GIS and remote sensing.

    Please help me out in my query-

    Q1. GIS institute, Noida and many others offer me a PG diploma, Can I upgrade my diploma to MSc or MTech later on, how and from where can i do this?

    Q2. What is the present market demand of GIS specialists? How are the placements and packages after my PG diploma.

    I would also like to invite you in orkut, for more convinient chat, if you provide me your email address.

    Thank You.

  35. Saptarshi Chowdhury Says:

    Again, I prefer My institute to be in North or East India( however, I am adjust with that). And I prefer an MSc, than a PG diploma.

    About SIG, I didnt sit in the SNAP exams this december, Is it possible to apply still , or are my chances finished.

    Please Help.

  36. rajat joarder Says:

    i am rajat joarder, completed dip. in architecture and i am inserted in this field what i can do?

  37. ramniranjansain Says:

    Can u Suggest me about any short or long term course in remote sensing that can help me in search of better job.i m M.A. Geography & working as a surveyor from last 2 year.

  38. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Saptarshi Chowdhury,

    Ans for Q1: I think GIS Institute is private institute, the PG diplomo you receive from this insti cannot recognized by Govt institutes. So, I suggest you to pursue any degree from reputed Govt/Govt aided colleges/institutes. First do M.Sc in Geography or GIS/RS. There were several universities offering this courses. Meanwhile do some computer programming courses and develop your skill set. You can also try various govt organization for job perspective.

    Ans for Q2: In GIS industry, I classify jobs in two section at a high level a) GIS- Analyst b) GIS Developer . For analyst, you don’t need to have programming skills , their job description will be more of analyse the requirement. For developer, you have to expertise in any programming skills (and ArcObjects if you work with ESRI products). Market is always good if you are talented 🙂

  39. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Ans: Please check SIG web site for this

  40. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Rajat:

    Can you elaborate your question further, do you have any work experience in GIS?

  41. Saptarshi Chowdhury Says:

    GIS Institute is offering me MSc after its PG diploma.. From salzburg university , but under distance learning programme(UNIGIS). Will that be good? And can i go for MTech with it later on.. ??

    My problem is that I invested 5000 bucks already.

    Can I have a word with you over the phone??

  42. Saptarshi Chowdhury Says:

    What are the requirement for GIS analyst.??

    What programmes are generally prefered, besides ARCGIS, and other GIS softwares?

  43. iamlaksh1 Says:

    I have sent an email to you just now.

  44. Saptarshi Chowdhury Says:

    There is a PG diploma offered by CDAC, Noida? Do you think its worthy.. Its recognised by the government of India.

  45. Saptarshi Chowdhury Says:

    There is a PG diploma offered by CDAC, Noida? Do you think its worthy.. Its recognised by the government of India. But its of 6 months.

  46. iamlaksh1 Says:

    I hope I have cleared all your doubts. Best of luck and cheers

  47. Saptarshi Chowdhury Says:

    Thanks.. I will follow all your suggestion..and apply accordingly.

  48. Vivek Anand Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I need your help!

    I am working as a Business Analyst in an IT company which also undertakes GIS-related work for the clients. I, along with regular software projects, involved in one such GIS projects. I HAD NO KNOWLEDGE OF GIS BEFORE THAT.

    Now I am liking the subject and wanted to be a consultant in this field.

    Please suggest me the specific online course in GIS which not only elaborates fundamentals but also open the way for further learning.

    Please revert!!!!


  49. iamlaksh1 Says:

    HI Vivek:

    You can look at some online virtual campus courses from ESRI site. There are many free materials available in internet.

  50. Vivek Anand Says:

    Thanks Laksh,

    I want to have the kind of course which is recognized and covers fundamentals of the subject.

    I will go through the ESRI website as suggested by you.


  51. Purva Says:

    Hello Sir,
    I m in 12th(CBSE) this year.. i have Arts as my subject aand i want to do GIS Course from the best college in india.. it will be very kind of you if you can tell me what all i have to do after my 12th class in this direction… i’ll b waiting for ur reply,,,

  52. iamlaksh1 Says:


    I’m glad that you are interested to do GIS course when you are in 12th. I’m happy on seeing on this. I would suggest to pursue B.E/B.Tech in Geo Informatics. Institutes like IITB, Anna University offering 4 year degree course on Geo informatics, there are several other institutes offering such courses. Let me know if you need any more information. Best of luck and cheers buddy

  53. Anu Says:

    I have done my M.Sc in Physics and M.Tech in Atmospheric science .Would you help me to find out a GIS course conducting in chennai

    Thank you

  54. iamlaksh1 Says:

    I’m really surprised that you did atmospheric science wants to do GIS course. Great. Better to check with NIIT at Nungambbakkam. By the way do you have work experience.

  55. Anu Says:

    yes. 1 1/2 years work experience i am having in atmospheric science.

  56. GIS/Remote Says:

    Dear Sir.

    I am Sandeep from Delhi, I am working in GIS company last 4 years
    but we don’t have any gis relative sartifecate, So i am not gatting grouth
    in this field.
    I want any GIS course of short turm kindly let me know about my carrear
    pls send information on my mail id:

  57. Anu Says:

    And Why did you say that u r surprised..? I have read about GIS and felt that it is interesting…
    What is the basic requirement for the course?

  58. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hey… I’m surprised because person having degree in atmospheric science and interested with GIS is a rare combination atleast to myself. Kudos!. There is nothing like basic req. Do you want pursue degree or course on GIS softwares. I assume you are asking for second. If yes, basic Geography and any programming language.

  59. iamlaksh1 Says:

    What do you mean by getting through in this field?. There were courses conducted by institues which I mentioned in the post. Try in any of them.

  60. victor Says:

    Dear sir,

    I am victor currently doing M.A from delhi school of economics. Since i want to do my research on physical geography i want to master in this gis field.Can u kindly suggest wheather p g diploma courses will be beneficial under this perspective?and if yes which are universities in delhi that offer this specialize courses

  61. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Victor,

    I suggest you to not to pursue PG diploma since your carrier aspirations wants to do research. I assume you are doing geography related course in your masters.If so, do M.Phil in Geography or allied subjects which is related to GIS that will be great help.

  62. Parna Mita Says:

    Hello Mr Laksh,

    After doing my M.A. in Geography, I have done M.Planning in Regional Planning and was working in the respective field.
    Now I want to do GIS & RS course for
    1) work in geography related fields.
    2) further growth in my career.

    My queries are:

    1) Is it necessary to do full time Msc course or a diploma course can help.
    2) From where I can do diploma courses.
    3) After completion of the course, in which field I can go immediately.

  63. Kumaravelu Says:

    I am working in watershed project on experience based but I don’t know GIS, I know Land survey clearly, my basic graduation is Can I join and get any graduation or diploma on GIS.

  64. iamlaksh1 Says:

    1. It depends, since you already have double degree it is not needed for doing M,Sc again because you want to work. Better to gain experience. Diplomo course in GIS will help lot better to add

    2. Lot of institues offering the course. Choose govt institutes/colleges than private insti.
    3. If you have good programming exprience then any mid-level MNC otherwise you can work as GIS-Analyst

  65. iamlaksh1 Says:


    I’m glad that you are interested in GIS. Definitely you can do graduation or diplomo in GIS. Many colleges offering courses in GIS. Madras university. Trichy Bharthidasan university offering GIS course, please have a look at the institues. Best of luck.



  67. sanjay Says:

    Hi Laksh,

    I have couple of queries –
    1) Do you have any idea about the placement of last 2 batches of GIS from CDAC Noida, if yes please let me know?
    2) Would you recommend this course for the person who have masters in Biotech?
    3) How is the present market and available jobs (public and private) in this sector?

    Please let me know.

  68. iamlaksh1 Says:


    Answers for your questions are

    1. NO
    2. NO. I suggest you to continue with Bio-tech. There is tremendous growth in Bio-tech itself.
    3. Public sector – No idea. Private: It depends on experience and caliber.

  69. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Himanshu:

    Thanks for writing in. Yes, you are eligible for GIS and RS course as your higher studies in some institutes. Check respective college/university web site for further details. If you are interested with computer programming . I suggest you to do some programming course which will help you in long-term,if you are intrested or else there couple of training from ESRI, NRSA, DRDO will conduct short-term course on GIS. Regarding marks please check the websites of the colleges.

  70. Hema Says:

    Hi Laksh
    It was quite surprising to find to such a concise list of institutions offering GIS courses. I followed the details given by you. But i couldnt find a couse through as a distant learning programme. Is it correct? As i am working in an infrastructure development consultancy it is not possible for me to attend any regular programme. I am located in Bangalore and i have done my M phil in Geography.

  71. iamlaksh1 Says:

    You are correct. I guess there might be some private institutes offering GIS course through distance learning. I will let you know if I come across any.

  72. Hema Says:

    Thank You Laksh. Awaiting ur earliest reply regarding the same. What do u think of online courses of foreign universities? I have only basic ideas about gis & rs derived from MSc classes. Quite insufficient even to decide my career.

  73. mike Says:

    what according to you is the best institute for gis in india..

  74. PRAVEER Says:


    Can you please give me the list of GIS, and REMOTE SENSING , related colleges and University names and address.

  75. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Hema

    There are some good universities offering course in GIS. Especially ITC Netherlands. You can pursue masters /doctoral degree over there. I would like to know your ambitions/goals before guide you. Do write to my email given in the contact section.

  76. Purva Says:

    Respected Sir,
    i hav jst finished my board exams today(12th Arts/humanities). i hav a keen interest in doing Geo-informatics,, plz can u tell me what all should i take as my subjects in my B.A., i think B.A. with geography as one of it’s subject will go!!
    sir i really need help,, as this will decide what all should i take as my subjects in B.A.
    your quick reply will help me decide faster
    Thanks a lot

  77. tanmay Says:

    im currently doing geology from fergusson college-pune and im intrested in studying gis after my graduation
    il be applying for gis in university of pune and symbiosys

    which one of them is better???
    also are there any colleges in mumbai offering gis other than IIT??

  78. wayne Says:

    I am a post graduate in Geography, I want to enquire about the courses on Remote sensing and Gis also I want to get the list of relevant institutes offering this course, the admission procedure(date and month for session 2009-2010),how to prepare for the entrance exam , the likely prospect of this course in which sector,etc.Wayne,Shillong


    Dear Sir,
    Please help,
    I am complit my graution last year by geography(B.A). I also traind in GPS under GUWAHATI UNIVERSITY. So I am join in GIS course under C-DAC, Noida. Please say me when next section will be startd from in C-DAC. Say about their course, fees, and about the instute. And also say other good instute of GIS.


    Hi laksh,

    I have done my masters in geography. Currently I am in Bangalore. I am very much interested in doing GIS. While searching for institute in bangalore I came accross your site, its very helpfull.
    Please let me know any institute(Private or Govt) in Bangalore where I can study GIS diploma course.


    Please what is the cost/fees involved for applying for gis courses

  82. Mithas Says:

    Respected sir

    I want to know that is Ph.D Environmental science equalent to Ph.D Remote Sensing.

  83. iamlaksh1 Says:


    No. There is vast difference between two.

  84. iamlaksh1 Says:


    I don’t know any private institutes in Bangalore offering Diploma course in GIS. If I come across any, I will post

  85. iamlaksh1 Says:


    Sorry for very late reply. Please check with CDAC web site

  86. prithwish Says:

    I am Prithwish,by profession land surveyor( survey engg.from west Bengal).can I elegable for any gis&gps course

  87. prithwish Says:

    I am Prithwish,by profession land surveyor( survey engg.from west Bengal).can I elegable for any gis&gps course? pls send me reply urgently

  88. iamlaksh1 Says:

    At broader sense you can do RS&GIS course. There were some colleges/universities which allows diplomo holders to persue to course in GIS. Please check with respective universities

  89. Prof S K Patnaik Says:

    4 semester M Sc Geoinformatics Course.

    1. Good in Course Content,
    2. Good Lab Facility and hands on Training
    3. Project work on 4th Semester
    4. Good placements first batch (2008 Passout)

  90. Arun Prasad.K Says:

    Respected sir,
    I’m arun prasad doing my second year in M.Sc Earth remote sensing and Geo information technology in Madurai Kamaraj University,Tamilnadu.After completing this course i like to join Phd in GIS in any foreign universities.Could you tell me details about universities who provide Phd programmes with fellowships for foreign students.

  91. SUDHA.G Says:


  92. Shashikant Kumar Says:

    Any body interested in the short term workshop in GIS and Remote Sensing in Vadodara Gujarat. You must visit this blog

    Course in July, August, September, Feb 2010 for professionals only.

    Apply Now!!

  93. GIS Courses outside India « Says:

    […] Courses outside India By iamlaksh1 After I have written a post on GIS Courses India , there were many inquires about courses , colleges and private institues on GIS/RS in abroad. I am […]

  94. krishna Says:

    i did my M.E. in water resources management. My dissertation subject was estimation of runoff and sediment yield in a semi-arid region with GIS & RS. I worked on ARC GIS ESRI, now i am interested to enhance my career in GIS & RS. So Would you suggest me what should i do and what is the future in GIS & RS.

  95. Sarkar's Says:

    Hello Mr. Laksh.
    Can you please tell me the prospects of GIS & RS field.i am BTech Graduate.What about the training institute GIS Institute Noida?Please reply through mail.Thanks.

  96. Sarkar's Says:

    Sir, please give me your valuable suggestion?thank you.

  97. Prasad C Says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have completed B.E. Computer & also completed Oracle Certification
    I want o know about the use of database related work to be performed using Oracle.
    Is there any opportunity for me in software related to Oracle????

  98. deb Says:

    how can I take admission in in deradun if they conduct exam ,what is the syllabus of this exam?please give rply,urgent.

  99. Abhinav Sharma Says:

    Hi, My name is Abhinav Sharma and I am employee of the Indian Army. I am interested in doing a course in GIS. My enquiry is whether there is any distance learning course that may be available in GIS from any institution. If yes, what would be the likely duration and fee structure.


  100. Rakesh Singh Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Myself is working in a GIS based company as a production executive since last 3 years. I am an arts graduate.(B.A. pass course)I want to do some graduate level course in gis & rs for the security & stability of my career,but my job hours are not allowing me to do that. Could you please list or suggest some of the recognized institutes offering the course on part-time or on sunday basis.I mean i can attend the classes only on sunday. If there is any please reply with the details[Total course fees,Criteria for admission,duration(suitable, if of 1yr./06 months)]
    Eagerly waiting for your response.

  101. Jeevan Lobo Says:

    Good Morning,

    I am pleased to introduce myself as Jeevan Lobo, Business Development Manager for a company called Behbehani Brothers based in Bahrain, Middle East.

    We are distributors for LEICA consruction and surveying instruments and are looking for a GIS engineer who can perform technical demonstrations and provide technical trainings to our clients.

    Candidates should be from a GIS background and should have experience in construction and surveying instruments. We would need the candidate to have experience in using levels, total stations, theodolites, GPS systems and to conduct demos for customers.

    We would be opening a service center soon and we would require the selected candidate to provide technical support to our customers.

    Kindly note training will be provided to the right candidate.


    Jeevan Lobo
    Business Development Manager- Trading Division
    Behbehani Brothers W.L.L.,
    PO Box 168, Kingdom of Bahrain
    Tel: +973 17531502
    Fax: +973 17536070
    Mob: +973 36077019
    Web : –

  102. parviz Says:

    plz you will write in front of no.8 mysore university:

    “gis and sustainable development”

    thank u

  103. Pratim Says:

    I am a Sr. software engineer working from US for IBM. I have around 8 years of software development experience on Miccrosoft products. In the last two years I have been working on GIS applicatons and feel that I have a good programming experience that I can club with GIS. I have been reading books, articles and white papers but feel a small course would boost my carrer. I have heard CDAC Pune offers some course. Can you suggest how it is? Basically, my intention is to do a short term course which specialises in GIS and then I can use it with my programming skiils.

  104. iamlaksh1 Says:


    Thanks for writing in. I don’t have much idea about CDAC, but they will teach as all RS and Photogrammetry course in GIS. Moreover it will be full-time 10 weeks course. Please check in their site.

  105. tanmay Says:

    im currently doing geology from fergusson college-pune and im intrested in studying gis after my graduation
    il be applying for gis in university of pune and symbiosys

    which one of them is better??
    also are there any colleges in mumbai and also in pune offering gis?

  106. surya_deb chakraborty Says:

    i am doing in remote sensing in indian institute of remote sensing(iirs) .What is future prospect in this field pls tell me

  107. Asim Says:

    actually i want to know that what are the basic requirements for getting admission in bachelors in gis.

  108. pradeep Says:


    I got oppurtuninty to do MTech Geoamtics in Survey of India,Hyderabad. and also in MTech Spatial Information technology from JNTU,hyderabad.

    i have already completed my MSc in geo informatics . so could you please give me your suggestion that which one is better to join to upgrade my career.

    please reply

  109. kwezi Didier Says:

    dear, sir i would like to ask you some questions about studying masters in GIS and remote sensing
    concerning the duration of study,fees,general life in INDIA …
    please answer me in order to prepare my journey to INDIA

  110. vaibhav Says:

    heloo laksh
    i m doing engg. in ece final from chennai anna university.i m intrested in gps or pis related short term courses in chennai.if u have any info abt tat plz let me know.

  111. surya deb chakraborty Says:

    i am doing in remote sensing in indian institute of remote sensing(iirs) .What is future prospect in this field pls tell me

  112. mariam Says:

    can u suggest me a good institute for diploma in gis only in delhi and noidsa…

    thanks mariam

  113. jyoti Says:

    I am a post graduate in Geoinformatics, I want to enquire about the courses on Remote sensing and Gis also I want to get the list of relevant institutes offering this course, the admission procedure(date and month for session 2009-2010),how to prepare for the entrance exam.

  114. Archana Nair Says:

    I have completed BMS.I want to do geoinformatics from symbiosis pune.Am I eligible for this course?

  115. jyoti Says:

    Hi, My name is Jyoti and. I am interested in doing a course in GIS. My enquiry is whether there is any distance learning course that may be available in GIS from any institution. If yes, what would be the likely duration and fee structure.


  116. Roopa Says:

    I m BE transportation and Mtech Geoinformatics….can some one let me know where can I do my PhD in urban planning and geoinformatics combination

  117. vivek dixit Says:

    hi my name is vivek and i am interested in doinga cource in inquary is there is any distant learning basic qualification bsc(electronic) and one year pg diploma in mwit.please guide me.

    thank you

  118. itishree Says:

    Hello sir

    I am contuining my Msc. in applied geology form annamalai university tamil nadu and i have a keen interest in gis and gps technology suggest me what r the career oportunities and courses availabe in this field how can i apply for them ? what r the elligibility criteria for this ? How can i ll be a career professional in this field(3-d gis and spactial technology)

    Thanks & Regards




    I am inspector in BORDER SECURITY FORCE.recently GIS is introduced in B.S.F. please guide me about the course which i can perform through distance learning & serve my force better.


  120. jayita Says:

    i am a student of geography honours. i wanted to do pg in gis in kolkata. please say me where i can do this?

  121. Sher Singh Says:


    sir i want join institute/college in dehradun so please send me full enquiry of GIS Deploma /Degree Procedure ,iam belong to poor please try to Understand my peroblem seriusly pls send me information iam greduat B.Sc(ghemisry,Botany,Zology)

  122. iamlaksh1 Says:

    IIRS, Dehardun is place you can check out.

  123. sivaprasad Says:

    Hello sir,
    I completed my science and statistics).and presently working on GIS(mapping) in one of the MNC’s. I don’t know any skills related to GIS. What skills i should have to survive in this field. i’m working for one year as an operater(related to roads on 2d satellite image). and how much is this experience is usefull in feature.I wish best answer to plan my career.

    Thanks and Regards

  124. Sagar Kulkarni Says:

    Sir i am very much desperate to know much about GIS.Sir, I am genuinely interested in studying geography.But becauce lack of knowledge about careers in geography i was unable to do career in it.I am doing engineering in Aurangabad(mah) so sir i want a detail information aboout GIS.Sir please reply me soon. I want to make career in GIS in maharashtra.

  125. iamlaksh1 Says:


    Since you have degree in computer sci, you can become software developer if you are interested or else you can have carrier path of data -development.
    Either become analyst or developer is choice which you can choose upon

  126. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Great that you are interested in Geography. What is your question?.

  127. Jeetul Says:

    Hello Sir,

    I m a Student of B Sc Geography.I m very much interested in pursuing my masters in Geo – informatics. I wanted to know what is the Difference between Geo – informatics and remote sensing ?. And is it possible to pursue M Tech in Remote Sensing after M Sc in Geo – informatics .

  128. piyush morwal Says:

    I m a Student of B C A .I m very much interested in pursuing my masters in Geo – informatics. I wanted to know which are the Top most institutes that provide courses in Geo – informatics and remote sensing with scholarship. And is it possible to pursue M Sc in Remote Sensing after B C A.

  129. Raj Says:

    There is course from Jamia Milia Islamia in Distance MOde M. Sc. (Geoinformatics), those who wanted to do it in distance mode is the best available option, as well for regular student also, training center is in Gurgaon. named Institute of Geoinformatics and Technology Gurgaon.

  130. Raj Says:

    M. sc. (Geoinformatics) Students can go for M.Tech (Geoinformatics).

  131. shanta deepa tripathy Says:

    i have completed my master diploma in gis & rs from jadavpur university. kolkata. i have a masters degree in geography which i completed this year. i have worked for KMC project in kolkata for a period of 6 months
    i am not getting proper guidelines that which course & university should i join further for good results a job security.
    therefore i request you to help me out as i’m really confused. your suggestions is awaited. thanking you.

  132. sushmita Says:

    dear sir,
    i need your help.i just completed my graduation from calcutta university and i have given the entrance examination in G.I.S from jadavpur IBM.From the AUTHORITY OF GIS called me and i get to know that i have selected in the examination.i have paid the first installment of the course fee that is Rs.33000/.but the problem is class is not starting till now.i got admission in july.i have paid the money in i now im very much worried.and one thing sir,the entrance examination was held in a regional office in Shobha bazar not in the university please sir i need you relly confused.your suggestions awaited.thanking you.

  133. Sanghayan Says:

    Hi laksh,
    After going through all the discussions, i do not find any of the discussion related to The National Power Training Institute (NPTI), Faridabad – PG diploma in GIS and Remote Sensing. I want to do diploma in GIS & RS from NPTI faridabad.
    1.Please throw some light on how the college is and the faculty,
    2.What are the career prospects after completing this course.
    3.Being a institution Under the Ministry of Power, Government of India, does it scores better than all the colleges listed above.
    Need your kind inputs.

    Thanks & Regards

  134. iamlaksh1 Says:


    I dont have enough information about NTPI. I will try to collect the information and post.

  135. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Sushmita

    I have no ways to help you. I always advise students to check the college/university before you join any course. These days issues like this are becoming quite common. Let me know if you need any more help on courses. Keep faith and fight for your justice.

  136. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Yes this is possible

  137. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Thanks for sharing the information.

  138. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Thanks for writing in and your interest in GIS. I hope you persue Geo-Informatics course. I request you to check respective university/college websites for quailificaton degree.

  139. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Jeetul,
    You can do M.Sc in Geoinformatics . Remote sensing covers Photogrammetery and other aspects. I request you to check course syllabus before making a decision. Yes you can persue M.Tech after doing your M.Sc

  140. nisha Says:

    hi laksh,
    i need information about gis college and short term course which can fulfill my caareer objective.

  141. nisha Says:

    hi laksh,
    i need information about gis college and short term course which can fulfill my career objective.tell me the whole information.

  142. nisha Says:

    good site.

  143. iamlaksh1 Says:

    All the college information given the link, what is exact information are you looking for ?

  144. Rajula Says:

    Hey !

    i am graduate in geography in the year 2003, and thereafter a management graduate in RURal Development . GIS had been a long time area of interest for me and alway s an igniting subject for me. i have worked in the develoment sector. planning to pursue higher studies in GIS …… came through your blog while searching teh web for GIS courses….. and after going through th e replies and queries…. was very impacted by th eblog ……u know blog sare not just something which give su a break from work which i had often thought about them ……but also enhancing in nature …….. u kno wi had gon ethrough a number of sites and institution s related to the GIS courses, but to my surprise and pain almost all wanted a post gration in geography. could help me out to locate an institution or course which offer a standard profession crash or certificate or diploma courses in GIS.

    anticipating a reply

  145. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Thanks Rajula. There are many institutes offering PG course in Geography. First from your place identify nearest university /college and check their web site. Since you have mentioned your place, I suggest you search in google. One generic question which many people ask is some certificate course, they are not specific whether degree or computer course in GIS?.

  146. Biranchi kumar padhy Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to study the PG diploma course on GIS in on line or distance educaqtion . Kindly let me know in detail about the duration, fees, course details.

  147. DEBANJALI ROY Says:

    Mr iamlaksh1





  148. DEBANJALI ROY Says:


  149. pavan Says:

    i m pu+2 in science(karnataka).i want to study geo informatics in india,can you please tell top colleges and procedure to study and job oppoortunities?

  150. Rahul Sood Says:

    i want to know about shortterm GIS Course and their fees structures.

  151. iamlaksh1 Says:

    There are several universities/colleges across india having PG courses in GIS/Geography. Please search in Google and identify college/university near your area and apply. The list is provided in the blog. What sort of guidance do you expect from me? GIS developer is equivalent to software developer and whereas analyst more of doing analysis and posses domain knowledge and leads to consultant

  152. iamlaksh1 Says:


    I really appreciate your interest in Geography at PU level. As I mentioned in the post these are colleges having UG/PG courses. IIT’s and Anna University offers good quality education hence you can try for the same. There are plenty of opportunities available for the talented like you!

  153. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Where and what level?

  154. Khalid Ahmed Says:

    Dear Sir
    I want to know What are the uses for coordinates.
    Plz inform me.

  155. Ahmad Shoaib Azizi Says:

    i am student of Geoscience Faculty in Afghanistan
    i want to learn about Gis and Erdos how can i get the tuturial
    please help me
    send information to my email add
    wish you all Best

  156. Pawan Kumar Says:

    Dear all
    Myself Pawan Kumar and I am Three Year Diploma holder in Computer Engineering from Govt. Polytechnic College and Now I am working in the Forest Survey of India and now I want to be career in GIS and Remote Sensing, How can i opt this one also please suggest me to how i growth in my institution as per my qualification also I am doing AMIE i.e. B.Tech. in Computer Engineering. Please suggest ne regarding my quaries.

    Thanks all

  157. Rajula Says:

    hey again

    i donot want to pursue pg in Geography i want to pursue course inthe GIS.where cani do that ……how is the GIS institute in Noida. is is worth to spend 35,000 for asix ,month diploma course there in the GIS Institute

  158. PURVA BAXI Says:

    hello sir!!
    i have done my 11th and 12th with geography as one of my subjects. and now em doing simple 1st yr BA with geography as one of the subject plz tell me all the possible courses i can do in coming future. em really excited bout Geo-informatics… can i do it.. wat bout remote sensing, and from where??
    ur quick reply will help me decide faster..

  159. Manish Kumar Singh Says:

    Dear Sir

    Thanks for the information. But, I have a major problem. I graduated in Zoology (H), and then went on to pursue my MA in social work, and have extensive experience in Rural development, Urban Development, Water supply & Sanitation, Livelihood issues etc. Recently my work included vulnerability assessment in Urban areas, and our company uses Manifold. I do basically the analysis, before the data is taken into software for analysis. I wanted to do the same thing myself. Though I have developed a basic understanding of the whole thing, but need to be more detailed in my understanding, apparently for career purposes. I have gone through the sites recommended by you for training and courses in India; mostly for techincal background. Can you suggest any course looking at my edu qualification and the work experience?


    Manish Kumar Singh

  160. Trisha Says:

    Hi sir,
    I am Trisha from chennai. I have completed my Bsc in geography and want to do my PG in gis. If I complete my pg in Msc geography and Gis course in ESRI is enough for job in gis field or not sir. If i do my in Gis means what type of opportunity i wil get. What is the job opportunities for PG in spatial information technology. Pls guide me.

    Thanks & regards,

  161. chandresh Says:

    sir am studying MSc in gis at maharaja’scollege am comeing from kannada mediam earlier days very diffcult but this time am understanding verry well haveing some suggition sir

  162. Swaroop Says:

    Hi Sir
    Actually i have done my PG in Geography and recently doing job in the field of GIS and RS. i have a 2 yrs of expericence and want to do a M.Tech in Geoinformatics or GIS/RS in Distant learning. so is it possible to do such type of courses in distant learning. if yes then please suggest the institue conducting these courses.

    it is Greatful to recieve the Reply

    Thanks and Regards
    Swaroop Humane

  163. sumit mahatpurikar Says:

    i’m the student of an agri. engg. studing in final year,
    i want to do cerrier in GIS & i’ve the knolasge about computar.
    just say me sir the apportuneties in this field.


    Sumit S Mahatpurikar

  164. swaroop Says:

    i hav completed my in geography and i wanna do or in geoinformatics from distant learning. please suggest the institute…..

    luking for good reply
    thanks and regards

  165. KUNAL SHAH Says:

    I have a diploma in computer engg and a degree in Information technology.
    i am interested in GIS field….can u let me know which courses to prefer.
    i want to achieve maximum growth…my interests are databases and image processing.
    you can suggest me some other options also to. And can you guide me regarding my career opportunities in this field

  166. Tanvi Says:

    Hi LAxman
    I am Tanvi.I am B.E. civil and done certificate course in GIS from Mitcon pune.Then worked for one year in GIS company.I heard about diploma in Geoinformatics in CDAC pune. So want to know whether it is worth doing from job point of view?

  167. Ramkumar Says:

    It is a nice compilation. There is a small addition required w.r.t JNTU Hyd.
    It also offers M.S program both in full-time and part-time.

  168. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Trisha

    M.Tech degree will give you technical degree when compared with science. I suggest college/university which you are going to get a degree matters. in spatial almost they cover same subjects . It depends on you , if you have time and resource, please go ahead M.Tech degree.


  169. iamlaksh1 Says:


    I have heared CDAC courses are generally good. I suggest you to discuss with some one who is doing the course over there.

    Best wishes

  170. vijay Says:

    Hello sir/mam,
    I am vijay, Currently doing 3rd year B.E cse in chennai.
    I just want to do a course in GIS & REMOTE SENSING course in chennai,
    can you plse guide me.

  171. Dipali Says:

    Hello Sir,

    First of all i would like to thanks for an precious information shared with students looking for career.

    I have done MSC in Geology.Presently looking for a distance learning B.Tech/M.Tech course in Remote sensing.Request you to please suggest me the name of Universities/Colleges in India who conduct distance learning courses.Also could you please inform me if their any foreign universities offering such courses.

    Please reply to me through mail only.waiting for your prompt reply!

  172. Neeraj Shukla Says:

    i wan to join in your GIS course please let me knwo the fee and duration
    I’ve master dgree in geography.

  173. sundeep singh Says:

    respected sir,
    plz tell me a good institute of gis courses in gurgaon , delhi or noida, i have done BA with geography AND I GOT 49% PLZ TELL ME WHICH INSTITUTE IS GOOD FOR ME

  174. Mousumi Says:

    Is there any institution from where i can undergo distant learning in GIS?

  175. Jaee Morey. Says:

    Hello sir,

    I am appear for MA-Geograpy and I am intrested in doing the
    further studies in GIS.So will you suggest me some institutes in London.

  176. Chand Says:

    Hi Sir,
    plz tell me a good college of M.Tech in Geoinformatics. I have done P.G.Diploma in Geoinformatics in Gulbarga university.Please suggest me the name of Universities/colleges in India plz reply wating your promt reply.

  177. tia Says:

    ive completed my grads with geography as 1 of my course subject nd nw m purseuing ma Msc in geography.i just wanena knw wer cn i mv down for the remote senseing n g.i.s?….or if possible leme knw any col….in bangalore

  178. R Rupa Rani Rao Says:

    Dear Laksh,
    I have complete my Grad in Zoology n Diploma in Geoinformatics from CED, Tvm.. Currently i’m working as a GIS Analyst in Kochin.. I feel my knowledge in GIS has lot of restrains. Could you suggest something to fill this gap.

  179. rahul Says:

    Sir, I have Done Geography & i want to pursue course Geology For
    Which collage is better for me or can i try IIT JAM

  180. rahat parveen Says:

    hi iam rahat parveen.i have completed mca but my interest was in geoinfomatics.i want to know about the diploma course can i do.and if am i eligible for it.and also about job prospect after that

  181. shiv mangal talnag Says:

    sir, i am shiv mangal i have completad the B.A.(hons.)
    talk about this g.i.s. cours me…..

  182. Viji Says:

    I am vijaya. i have completed by horticulture at the end of 2003. Since then i have been working at agri univeristy has SRF. now i would like to shift to GIS, GPS an remote sensing. i would like to know is it possible to shift at this stage. if so what type of courses can i take up.What is the career prospects if take up the courses. Can you guide me please

  183. Javeed Says:

    I have completed my graduation in earth science, i want to do MSc Geoinformatics. Can you suggest me the universities where i can have my admission

  184. Saptarshi Chowdhury Says:

    Hello Mr Lakshya!

    I contact U earlier, may be 1 year back. Currently I am doing my MSc in geoinformatics from Birla Institute of technology, Mesra. Its OK over here. But these people lack much of practical or better say industrial experience. I am having an average hold on Gis software, specially, Arc GIS, mapinfo, autoCAD map, ERDAS, etc.. My programming however is not upto the standards.. these knowledge i gained in CDAC.. Again , most of my CDAC friands are working in GIS industries but they are engrossed in digitizing things, mostly foreign maps.. some are working on local projects even. Payscale however is quite low in the begining. I want to know, how to get sufficient growth in this sector.. specificccally where i should get my hold to make up a good money while working?

  185. jitender Says:

    I have complited graduation (BA) in Geography, am i able to take admission for GIS or Remote sensing?help me sir

  186. shiv Says:

    i am serving indian air force and posted in vadodara .i have completed bsc with maths & physics i want to persue ug/pg course in gis from distance learning
    so please tell me the institutes .

  187. Meenal Jain Says:

    Dear Mr.Lakshya,
    I am Meenal,Head training in IPGI(Institute of photogrammetry and geoinformatics).We provide highly specialized and state of art training in photogrammetry and GIS with full job assistance.We are located in Delhi,We have trained seven batches comprising around 100 students and all of them are well placed in various photogrammetry companies.I would request you to please add our institute in your list so that students interested to persue their career in this field can know about us and find us as an option.For furter details you can call me on 09911066550 or email me at, would like to talk to you if you can provide me your direct number.

  188. Rohit Verma Says:

    Hello Sir,
    I completed Msc in RS$GIS.i am interested to do Phd but i don’t know about that ?

  189. pooja Says:

    sir i want to do diploma course in GIS….Is there any recognized institute in DELHI for it….??

  190. nabin khanal Says:

    dear sir,
    i am a nepali undergraduate student currently studying environmental managment .i also have been throgh this blog several times and have been looking at the sites of ubiversities and institiutes that you posted.sir what would you reccommend if i want to make my job career in gis,take degree programs or certificate program ? also i am studying gis in my academic course.also my teacher recommended me JNTU,HYDERBAD .plz sir can you suggest me the best way?

  191. SAILESH SINGH Says:

    job or future in gis after m.a (geography)

  192. ananya Says:

    hello sir.
    im doing graduation now in geography[] after my graduation i want to do gis and rs, arial photography course as
    can u tell me what is the difference between geoinformatics and gis ,remote sensing?which is better for geting job abroad after or
    will i get geoinformatics or gis for master by geography background,,
    can u tell me all universities name in india spacially in west bengal where i can get it to do..
    what qualification is needed to get this course as ms.

  193. AMRITA MUNDAL Says:

    at present i’m pursuing geography honours( from lady brabourne college, kolkata. i’m in my 1st year and after graduation i wish to pursue a GIS COURSE from a reputed institution. can u tell me the universities…

    what is the difference between geoinformatics n gis and does gis course cover remote sensing as well ??????????

  194. AMRITA Says:

    i am presently pursuing geography honours (
    i wish to do GIS course after graduation and plz can u tell me the difference between GIS and GEOINFORMATICS ?
    does GIS include REMOTE SENSING as well??

  195. AMRITA Says:

    plz tell me the instititions where GIS is taught??
    where can i get placements after completion of this course? as in which particular sectors??

  196. AMRITA Says:

    can i get jobs abroad after completion of courses in India??
    can u suggest some good universities of abroad as well

  197. Devinder Parashar Says:

    I would like to do gis . but their is confusion in my graduation my % of marks is only 46%.can i able to do gis cource.
    i have done my BA with Geography and political.
    their is any institute who will admit me

  198. rupesh Says:

    hi laksh,i am rupesh and i completed my graduation with geography this year.i want to do in gis and remote sensing from i eligible to this? if yes, then please tell me the syllabus of its entrance.any other institute which is good to me?
    i am waiting for your reply.
    thank you

  199. Rasika Says:

    Hello Sir,
    I Have completed my PG in Envt sci and mgt in 2006. Also, I had experience of 15 month in water analysis. In 2008, i took admission for Certicicate course in GIS(3 month course) in pune.Presently i am working as GIS trainer and working on project in Pune (experience – 16 months).
    But, frankly speaking there are very few MNC’s in Pune and the pay scale they are offering is not satisfactory. So , i dont find much growth in pune atleast.Yes there are some companies like Microastation, MWH but they requires Gis professionals having command on programming.
    So Sir, Pls guide me..what to do further..should i go back in Envt field or should i go for further study related to GIS programming.

  200. samir patil Says:


    I wnt to know about GIS course. and also from which college i have to do this course from only under pune university.

    Pls send me reply asap.

  201. Arpit Says:

    sir,i am pursuing btech in geo informatics from university of petroleum dehradun.i wanted know that what should i do after doing btech,i have not heard much people doing btech in this branch…so i wanted to know the future prospects in this field.i would be grateful if you guide me.

  202. Anil Says:

    My daughter just passed 12th. can she able to take GIS learning without doing digree. if yes, where.

  203. Meenal Says:

    I have a training institute ,”IPGI” in Delhi which imparts highly specialized and advanced trainig in GIS, Remote sensing, Photogrammetry.You can contact us anytime.Registrations are going on.

  204. Subrata Chatterjee Says:

    I have complited graduation (BA) in Geography, am i able to take admission for Geoinformatics & from where?

  205. Rupesh Says:

    hi laksh,m still waiting for your reply,i want to ask one more thing,that is SYMBIOSIS INSTITUTE OF GEOINFOMATICS is a govt. recorgnised institute? and what should requird for it.

  206. prem Says:

    Dear Sir, i want to know about gis course, what is the eligibility critieria for this? I have a graduation degree in arts,can i do this kind of course ?
    Please inform me about the course details & related guidance.
    Thanks & Regards

  207. Nirav Vaghela Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m a prcticing Architect by profession and i am highly interested in any Certificate course, preferably distance learning. Kindly let mek now if you have any such institute in your knowledge where i can undergo the course or training. My purpose is to learn not an authentic Degree i want to practice it on my own and not ot do any Job anywhere.

    Expecting a needful reply.
    Thanks n regards

  208. piyali Says:

    i have done my graduation this year..but i dont have 1st division…can i do study in gis or geo informatics after my graduation? and what will be the procedure?please tell me as soon as possible!

  209. chitra Says:

    Sir, I am residing in chennai and completed my post graduate in civil engineering.I want to work in gis application field i.e to become gis analyst.Would you suggest me the courses,I have to study.
    Then what is the difference between open source GIS software and this ARC GIS?
    Thanks in advance,

  210. Milind Chaudhari Says:

    DEAR Jamlaksh,
    I have gone through all your relyies here. Gr8 guidance at this platform.
    Am working as VP with reputed recruitment company . I lead Telecom Vertical . I would like to know role of GIS engineer with Telecom Company.
    Warm Regards,

  211. menino Says:

    I am diploma in civil engineering and have done remote sensing through Nrsa I want to do Gis please suggest some colleges which conduct GIS course

  212. piyali Says:

    i completed my graduation with geography honourse waiting for results nw…i am looking for some pg courses or courses in gis and geoinformatics…will anybuddy help me ?????

  213. piyali Says:

    sir,i completed my graduation with geography honourse waiting for results nw…i am looking for some pg courses or courses in gis and geoinformatics…will anybuddy help me ?????

  214. sanhita Says:

    Hello Sir,
    I completed my Masters in Applied Geology this year.I want to do P.hd in Remote Sensing and want to do some course in GIS in Mumbai.
    Please help me out.

    Thanking you and waiting for your reply.

  215. Yogesh Says:

    Sir,please tell me the admission criteria to take admission inMTech(RS&GIS) in IIRS(Deradhun) &after completion what kind of job will be offer& also tell about the whole fee str. Please give reply onll my email-id

  216. SANJAY Says:

    resp sir,i am prof sanjay chairman of a business institution in pune india.we want to start GIS courses in our institute with affiliation of any recognise indian or foreign university.can u guide me to get affiliation ?if possible give your mail id or contact number for further communication.Hope u will guide me for the same

  217. purushottam Says:

    sir i have completed mca in 2009 and currently doing job in gis cartography and i don’t no any gis software kindly suggest me what should i do now for job growth in gis????

  218. karthikeyan Says:

    dear Sir,

    Am karthick,doing final year remote sensing,i need a final year project in any govt/pvt company,can you send me the company details who all r offering the final year students projects,
    thank you sir

  219. C.RAJASEKARAN Says:


  220. Rajib Says:

    Dear sir,

    I Like to knowe about more of the course of GIS Diploma.

  221. kiran Says:

    Sir, I completed my PhD in Geology and i want to know the details of GIS courses ( both short term and long term) in Mumbai particularly in Navi Mumbai area. How far this course will be useful for me in persuing a carrier is this particular field. What are software i should learn in GIS which is useful for my carrier

  222. sulthan Says:

    Dear Sir,
    i want to know the job opp. in Govt. r Private sectors after the p.g.diploma in much i can get & the future is bright r not,plz tell me as early as possible bcz i have to join in the course in IIRS

  223. RAHMAN Says:


  224. Vinod Kumar Says:

    I am working in HP forest department as draftsman where GIS lab is established recently. Our department want to give us short term training for 2 week to 4 aeek.Kindly send the name of any institute in Chandigarh ,Delhi or Dehradun who provides training for GIS to Goverment office or provide faculity .

  225. Temoetsile Says:

    Dear Sir,
    want to do diploma in GIS course(begginer) through online please let me know the fee and duration

  226. vikas Says:

    i want to know what is the avg. pay scale of PG diploma holders ….

  227. tia Says:

    helo,,, can u pls let me knw bot d paper presentations regarding d g.i.s nd remote sensing ? if i can present it 2u .will u APPRECIATE MA EFFORTS N GEME FEED BKS ON HW I GOTTA IMPROVE ON IT,,,,,,,,,, THNK U SIR,

  228. ashish Says:


  229. abhishek bharadwaj Says:

    Dear sir,
    i completed my M.A in geography with 68%. with this i have done 1 sem in USA under exchange programm, there i had gis subject ( intro arch gis ). now i want to go for gis analyst. kindly guide me for best course as to do eg. Msc or Mtech with university in india and abroad.

  230. Dr Vinay Says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am Dr Vinay finished my MPH, just i wanted to know wil it be helpful in health aspect in a community level if i do GIS

  231. Md Nasim Shams Says:

    I have completed my graduation in Geography(Hons) and i am interested to do PG diploma in Remot Sensing Gis.Please kindly tell me better options for it…

  232. Khimendra Says:

    sir, i am a Geology Post Graduate. Is the Global Institute Okhla , Delhi best Institute For Me, for 6months Certificate course in Geo-informatics.

  233. Ranjan kumar Says:

    Sir, I am graduate in geography (hons.). I want to take admission in privete institute of GIS in Noida. Is it right institute.thats my question. Its website address is
    thanks sir.

  234. VS Says:


    You have an excellent post here, and I really like the interest you are taking in explaining your field to sooooo many people in person. I see that you have not replied to the last few comments, and I really really really hope you get to my comment fairly quickly 🙂

    I studied Humanities in college (English Literature, Psychology, Journalism), and am now in the IT industry from the past 4 years as a Technical Writer, mainly working in the Telecom domain.

    I want to now move into the GIS field. I wanted some career guidance from you. I wanted to understand the various job streams available to someone with my background. From what I gather from the internet, I am interested in working in the field of photogrammetry and digital cartography.

    I’m afraid leaving my current job and doing a course/certification is not an option due to financial constraints. I was hoping to join a company that works in the GIS field, and requires a Technical Writer. After joining this company, I was hoping to get some exposure and hands-on experience in the GIS field, and hopefully in the fields I’m interested in.

    My question is: Are my aspirations possible? I know it is quite a tall order, but I’d really like to explore this domain.

    If we can have a chat or a phone conversation, I’d like to ask you for some more clarifications, and perhaps you may explain things much better about the day-to-day constraints and joys in this field.

    Thank you.

    And, once again, excellent work with this post and the effort put into answering ALL these numerous comments.



  235. ELLA Says:

    hi,i have in geotechnical engineering and am looking for auniversity offer degree in GIS in india.what i have to do to get that?

  236. abhinandan ghadi Says:

    sir i want to do GIS but m confuse about that which college in mumbai provide this course

  237. gaurav Says:

    Dear sir

    pls suggest me any course in estimation field which gives me the value added my self B.E.Mechnical and 10 years of working experience.

  238. lucy Says:

    sir, i have done my graduation in geography as major subject along with geology and environmental science as elective subjects and scored 63%. i would like u to suggest a reputed university for Msc in remote sensing and GIS….. thank you..

  239. Dharamveer Nimiwal Says:

    I am student of Computer Science & Engineering.
    a Six months industrial training is compulsary for me in last semester.

    can i do that six month’s training in GIS & RS,G B Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment & Development,ALMORA Uttrakhand offers such type of training.

  240. suyog patwardhan Says:

    sir i am suyog .i am doing M.A in geography at goa university.i looking for good gis degree course at maharashtra as well as all over india.does i eligible for mtech in geoinformatics

  241. Manickadass Says:

    I done B.E Electrical and Electronics (2004), But i worked in own business, now i want to develop my carrier, Please guide me to join in GIS course, whether it is useful for my future. Now i’m in chennai, guide a center to start my course.


  242. avinash Says:

    sir, i am avinash and i want to know how is Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics, Pune, for GIS course. Is it worth studying there?

  243. 2010 in review « Says:

    […] The busiest day of the year was September 28th with 552 views. The most popular post that day was GIS Courses in India. […]

  244. Anandan Says:

    Dear friend,
    I would like to change my career in to GIS. Is there are training available in Chennai? If s reply me ASAP as looking for next best opportunity to knock the door.

  245. Anandan Says:

    Dear friend,
    I would like to change my career in to GIS. Is there are training available in Chennai? If s reply me ASAP as looking for next best opportunity to knock the door.
    do u get my point?

  246. Sivachidambaram Says:

    Dear Sir, I am working in UAE past 4years, Now I applied Msc GIS Online course from Salzburg university Via Goa, UNIGIS. My application and the fee invoice has come, Now they are asking me to pay Total 4000Euro for the course, But in Goa University website they mentioned 1.25 lakhs, I try to contact Goa university, but no reply from there side.
    Please help me, what can I do for further steps?
    Thanks you much, actually i saw this website then only I applied for this course.
    Thanks for all.

  247. suresh Says:

    I am currently working as dotnet experience is 3 years above.I underwent training in gis.Will u please suggest me good institue/person giving coaching in programming arcobjects in dotnet,Hyderabad location.

  248. Mohammad Asif Says:

    Hallo Sir ,
    My name is Mohammad Asif . I want to know about correspondance Mtech and P.G diploma in RS &GIS.
    I am from the engg bakground and currently working in a GIS company in India.
    Your reply is really very important for me , waiting for your reply.

  249. veeresh Says:

    hi, dear sir as if now i am pursuing B.COM (final year). but now i decided to do diploma in GIS. so please suggest me a college which provides diploma in GIS.

  250. Wayne Says:

    I am very interested to further enhance my career by joining remote sensing courses, I would like to get the details of institute in south India offering this course, the formalities for admission the schedule date for course commencing and how to crack the entrance exam.

  251. G S Patra Says:

    iam currently working in Govt sector Digital map,GIS field. My education qualification is MSc in Geo informatics. Now I want to do Mtech or Phd in GIS or remote sensing form any Govt institute. Please guide me

  252. Sohrab Ali Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am working with a NGO in uttarakhand India, and i am interested to do f GIS distence course, Please me.

  253. Sohrab Ali Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am working with a NGO in uttarakhand India, and i am interested to do f GIS distence course, Please suggest, about Fee and in which Institute have available this course, Thank you.

  254. Sohrab Ali Says:

    Dear Sir

    After completed my MSW, working with a NGO in Uttarakhand-India, and i am interested to do for GIS course from distance, Please suggest me abou Fee structure and Email id:

  255. Sohrab Ali Says:

    Dear Sir

    After completed my MSW, working with a NGO in Uttarakhand-India, and i am interested to do for GIS course from distance, Please suggest me abou Fee structure and institute.

  256. adil hussain Says:

    sir, i am adil and iam complited graduation geography and iam intrested gis study and remot sensing study. Please sir tell me deatails in tish field and tell me about that i am eligibal for remote sensing study with in b.a. Geogrhaphy.
    Please sir request you qucliy tell me answer. Ple…ple…sir.

  257. adil hussain Says:

    please sir give me answar my email id please sir answer gives qukli please sir

  258. nishikant Says:

    dear sir i wan to join in your gis course please me knwo the fee,duration and admission date

  259. Ibrahim Elshahir Mohamed Elshahir Says:

    Iam Agricultural Economist – working in General Administration for Planning and Agricultural Economics- Ministry of Agriculture – Sudan
    and I assist the Director of the Food Security Technical Secretariat (FSTS)
    In the unity of interventions and programs, which requires continuous follow-up work of different regions in Sudan.
    I am very interest to train gis programme which is matching my work& request for training.
    I hope to join this programme trainning course
    Thank you very much

    Ibrahim Elshahir Mohamed
    Security Technical Secretariat (FSTS)
    General Administration for Planning and Agricultural Economics
    Federal MInistry of Agriculture
    Khartoum – Sudan

  260. Rupesh Says:

    hi and good afternoon lakshya….i’m still waiting for your suggetion….please continue write the posts its really helps us to take a decision….

  261. projjolita Says:

    dear sir,
    m a student of final year foresty and i want to do msc in gis. can u pls tell me about the job prospectus of gis?

  262. ved mishra Says:

    dr sir .

    im ved mishra from mumbai .
    i have complit my graduation (BA) this yr so plz i ask u sir plz tell me how two apply gis and rs coursses and which is best collegus for GIS and RS

  263. ved mishra Says:

    dr res sir ..

    im ved from mumbai i have complit my graduation (BA) in geography .so plz tell me sir how to apply GIS and RS coursses and which is the best collegus (university) for GIS and RS coursses .

  264. suresh babu.p Says:

    sir, i am working as a surveyor i am finish draughtsman civil. Can you advice what is the eligible of gis and where this course learning

  265. vivek kumar singh Says:

    Hi Sir
    Actually i have done my PG in Remote sensing and gis and recently searching job in the field of GIS and RS. i want to do a M.Tech in Geoinformatics or GIS/RS in Distant learning. so is it possible to do such type of courses in distant learning. if yes then please suggest the institue conducting these courses.

    it is Greatful to recieve the Reply
    Thanks and Regards

    vivek kumar singh
    project student

  266. ajajul haque Says:

    i wan to join in your GIS course please let me knwo the fee and duration

  267. zeeshan ahmed Says:

    respected sir,
    i have compleated my M.SC in environmental science.i want know the information of gis and rs cources in india with minimum fees,and placement with approximately salery. thanks

  268. Chalie Mulu Says:

    hi sir
    i would like to get GIS and RS application in land resource management and cadestral mapping as free scholarships in your home land for only 6 months. If possible, please try to give the chance to me. I have a background knoledge of GIS and RS and now I an doing in lad administration
    thank you

  269. parismita saikia Says:

    I have just complted my gradugation in geography major i wish to do GIS cources .may i elilable for this please suggest me which course and which institute i choose .i will wait for your reply

  270. krishna Says:

    This is Leela Krishna,from Hyderabad,Working in GIS platform(Auto-cad, Micro-station & Small world) from 4 years. Can you please suggest me the Diploma Course and Institute details.
    Thank you,

  271. gouri sankar Says:

    please tell me which university conduct p hd in remote sensing and GIS. i am M Sc geo informatics and 17 yrs experience.

  272. Asim Says:

    Hello Sir
    I would like to know whether there are any diploma or other courses available that makes me eligible to pursue Msc in geoinformatics. I am a final year ba student in political science. I was really interested in geography since my school days and am still good at it, due to lack of knowledge i took up this course. I would really appreciate if you send a mail regarding my enquiry on my id

  273. Asim Says:

    Kindly send me a mail as well for my enquiry

  274. Anshu Gupta Says:

    sir,i have done masters in geography,ihav done pgdiploma in remote sensing and gis and worked for seven months.Further i want to do mtech in remote sensing.please suggest is BIT mesra for mtech

  275. R.Jaganathan Says:

    The Department of Geography, University of Madras has a long involvement in the provision of specialist higher education in remote sensing, spatial modelling, GIS and their applications in resource management studies. In 1987, the Department of Geography introduced M.Sc Cartography, mainly focused on Computer assisted mapping including GIS. Then GIS subject was included as specialized subject in M.Sc Applied Geography programme. In 1990-1995 the Department had a linkage programme with Waterloo University, Canada, which was supported by CIDA. In 1999 the Department started offering PG Diploma in GIS Management, which is industry-oriented course. In 2000 M.Sc Spatial Information Technology course was started. The Department of Geography is in a particularly strong position to offer this course, both in terms of human resources and computing facilities. Faculty members have close links, in terms of research projects and consultancy, with a number of organizations, which make extensive use of spatially referenced data.

    The Department of Geography is offering the following Geoinformatics related programmes for Science and Engineering graduates..


    1. M.Tech Geoinformatics
    2. M.Sc. Applied Geography
    3. M.Sc. Spatial Information Technology

    4. M.Sc. Geoinformatics

  276. HARISHMA Says:

    dear sir,
    hi and good afternoon
    iam a student of bsc.geography and iwant to do msc geoinformatic.can u plz tel me what books i have to refer for entrance exam……..

  277. Pinkee Says:

    Hello sir,
    I am perusing my M.A in Geography ( in Chandigarh) can you please tell me about the RS and GIS courses and diploma offered by colleges and institutes in North zone of India

  278. Ravindhar Says:

    am doing +2 commerce group and am interested in doing gis course or related to space research…which course can i do after +2? please help me with this….

  279. varnika Says:

    can anyone tell me about short term courses in gis and remote sensing for undergraduate students.

  280. varnika Says:

    can anyone tell me about short term courses in gis and remote sensing for undergraduate students…

  281. Sriya Sarkar Says:

    Respected Sir,

  282. Anil Says:

    Dear Suresh,

    you can check with unigis goa under Salzburg university of Austria, i am the current student with Salzburg university Austria in collaboration with goa university. my courses is completed and eager to wait for the certification.
    i was the student of MSc in GIS Science. it was wonderful experience in corporation with the university faculty members and directors of the program.
    Pls. check web www. Unigis international or

  283. Anil Says:

    Dear anil,

    you can check with unigis goa under Salzburg university of Austria, i am the current student with Salzburg university Austria in collaboration with goa university. my courses is completed and eager to wait for the certification.
    i was the student of MSc in GIS Science. it was wonderful experience in corporation with the university faculty members and directors of the program.
    Pls. check web www. Unigis international or

  284. Manish Bakshi Says:

    hiii projjolita…
    north orissa university is your destiny if u want to do M. Sc in Remote sensing & gis……..
    contact at——–
    09439728883 H O D

  285. mobarak abaker adam hassan Says:

    i need tranning ingis

  286. mobarak abaker adam hassan Says:

    Sir, I am post graduate Ms in information technology I want to take admission in GIS in india.
    thanks sir.

  287. harish Says:

    dear sir,
    im doin final Geology in chennai . and i wanna do pg dip in GIS in univ of madras is it possible ?? or is there any private institutions for GIS in chennai ?/

  288. Aishwarya Says:

    hello sir,
    this is Aishwarya..i am doing MSc Geoinformatics from university of pune..
    i am interested doing the M.Tech course in RS and GIS..from the above list what i have come to know isAnna university,Chennai and IIRS Deharadun are the universities/institutes which offer the question is which of the 2 is the best uni/institute?? what is ur openion …which is the best one???

  289. Anson C Antony Says:

    sir , i have compleated course on geoinformation science and technology . from mg university kerala
    please inform me if there is any vacancy in india

  290. Vivek tewari Says:

    Sir I had just completed my 12 th class .I like to take admission in IIRMR jaipur.Please told me if it is a good institute to pursuebsc geoinformatics or not.And did it’s degree be accepted everywhere or not?Please reply fast sir.

  291. Shivani Says:


    does anyone have idea about IIRS? Do they offer Ph.D in RS and GIS?

  292. francis Says:

    Dear sir
    Iam from RWanda, I’ve completed my bachelor’s degree in Business management
    With 7 years of experience in rs & gis I would like to join msc in gis
    So which university do you recomend to me and the website pls
    I’ll be very greatful if you guide me what to do.

  293. shyamala chandrababu Says:

    Respected Lashmanan venkatesan,

    Iam shyamala currently working in Gis field in chennai. my passion is Gis in aircraft. so i need information abt what kind of course i need to study and which universites are all offering this type mainly in tamilnadu. thank u very much iam waiting for ur reply sir………

  294. shyamala chandrababu Says:

    Iam shyamala currently working in Gis field in chennai. my passion is Gis in aircraft. so i need information abt what kind of course i need to study and which universites are all offering this type mainly in tamilnadu. thank u very much iam waiting for ur reply sir………( for ur reference i already did Master degree in Geo informatics)

  295. wao Says:

    pls, i will like to know if i can be addmited for a P.hd program in IIRS I AV A MATERS DEGREE IN GIS

  296. wao Says:

    pls, i will like to know if i can be addmited for M.phil or P.hd program in IIRS I Am with a MASTERS DEGREE IN GIS FROM A NIGERIAN UNIVERSITY

  297. Ratnam Says:

    AdiKavi Nannaya University, RAjahmundry, andhra Pradesh is also offering 2 year M.Sc. Geoinformatics program for students from science and engineering background.

  298. Ratnam Says:

    Interested candidates in 2 years M.Sc. Geoinformatics program (UGC approved) in AdiKavi Nannaya University can contact

  299. manoj bodhe Says:

    I am a post graduate in Geography, I want to enquire about the courses on Remote sensing and Gis also I want to get the list of relevant institutes offering this course, the admission procedure(date and month for session 20011-2012),how to prepare for the entrance exam , the likely prospect of this course in which sector,etc

  300. Jibotosh Pandit Says:

    dear sir,
    recently i have completed B.A in geography,
    and my final result comes 57.5%’
    mi eligible for the P.G course in gis???
    and which university is great ful for me??????

  301. Rupesh Says:

    hey lakshya…where are you sir,i’m waiting for your reply please start to continue this post…send me your contact numbers and e-mail id,i will help me to contact you and make a right decision to me and my career

  302. dr sharma s kasturi Says:

    hi , my daughter wants to join in BTech geo let me know her future prospects

  303. riyanka Says:

    i have done M.A in geography and P.G.diploma in R.S and GIS .I want to do M.Tech in rs and gis.please give me information..
    can i apply for it. ple help me..

  304. aakash Says:

    u post really helped thanks alot
    i really appreciate ur work
    thanks again

  305. Mili Says:

    if there is any opportunity or rule in iirs dehradun that after completion of PG Diploma in module I and II one can admitted to programme in module three without taking readmission for

  306. Mili Says:

    if there is any opportunity or rule in iirs dehradun that after completion of PG Diploma in module I and II one can admitted to programme in module three without taking readmission for programme..

  307. Herath Kumara Says:

    I’m a Sri Kankan. I have completed M.Sc in Geography & Environmental studies. At present I’m a Lecturer in Geography, in a Government Institue. I want to do a diploma or short course on GIS for my professional betterment. Would you help me doing the course.

    Sincerely yours

  308. Nageswararao.T Says:

    Hi guy’s plz any body give me any suggistion for phd in GEO Informatics

    My name is nageswararao
    Qualification engg)
    working in IT company

    iam very intrested to do my phd in GEO Informatics as well as continue my job guy’s pleaase suggest me college ,university and all

    Thanks Advance:


  309. sks Says:

    what is the difference between pg diploma in gis/ir and MSc in gis and which 1 is good?


    I am currently working in the health sector as M&E officer and doing a lot of GIS work. I have not graduated from any college but would like pursue a diploma in GIS focusing on health care. Funds are available for tuition and for my upkeep. Any college around India offering this course?

  311. Zahid Mushtaq Says:

    Dear Sir,
    i wan to join in your GIS course please let me know the fee and duration

  312. Buddhi Ram Chaudhary Says:

    I am from Nepal. I want to know that about Phd in GIS & RS form indian university. I am M Sc in Structural Engineering so it become a way for that program

  313. Adrija Chatterjee Says:

    HI sir,

    I have just finished my MSc in Geoininformatics from TERI university, I was wondering if you could tell what institutes can I get an M Phil or a PhD in this subject

  314. H.Peter Says:

    Hello sir,
    I am looking out for an institution where i can take up geographic information system(GIS). I have done my B.Sc in geography. It would my pleasure if you can help me out, sir..

  315. deborshi bhattacharya Says:

    hello sir
    This is deborshi bhattacharya.I have working in renewable energy and power sector for the past 2 years.Iam really interested in GIS and RS.Either Diploma or most specifically a Short term course.The main problem in a diploma course is that have to leave my job,thereby more interested in certification course or 5 day or a week course in GIS.Could u please help me by providing the information about which institute/organisation offers week programe course in GIS.

  316. aazad siingh Says:

    i am doing master degree in gis and technology and after this i want to do ph.d in this subject so plz tell me any institute for this if possible .

  317. Wayne Says:

    Sir, I have completed my post graduation in Geography four years back in 2006, I want to have a knowledge in Remote sensing and GIS, which should be suitable for me :a full 2 years course or a 1 year diploma course. Also do advise me some of the trusted Remote sensing Institutes in India. Also I would like to know the admission schedule for these course is in which month for the session 2011-12.

  318. shuza khan Says:

    hi sir,
    i am gradute in I am deeply interested in geography. so m i eligible to gis courses.and if is it so than what will be d better course for me. please suggest

  319. Siya Says:

    I am a third yr IT engineering student. I hold a diploma in IT. Im interested in geo-informatics. Do you suggest a diploma or an MSc course? Also, is it possible to go for higher studies abroad after gettin MSc from symbiosis,pune?

  320. Gaurav Says:


    I am BSc IT (MU) student and I am in last year. I am planning for MSC in IT and then go for geoinformatics course in C-DAC Pune. Do you have any idea about any small distance course in geoinformatics which will give me edge when I will apply for C-DAC. Is C-DAC is good for geoinformatics. How many jobs are available for GIS student in current market ? .

  321. dimple Says:

    I want to do Msc. Geoinformatics from distance learning university can u pls suggest me from where i can do this. i have heard about IIEE, delhi, they are providing degree of The Global University, Nagaland. is it good to do it from there.

  322. lokesh nagar Says:

    hai sir

    I have fineshed M.A. in geography. tell me about future in geo. deepartment and other course

  323. Nazia Tasmin Says:

    I am Nazia,doing my MS in Geo informatics in Bangladesh, University of Dhaka. I want to enhance my study & want to do further study in Geo informatics in India. Which institution can give me a good number of scholarships & make me able to study in India?

  324. Ganesh nanavare Says:

    hi please tell me.. i am complited BA in geography and intrested in gis wich university best for me?? wy ddr

  325. ghulam HAIDAR Says:


  326. Gis Experince Says:

    Sir I am righting this from Saudi Arabia I have Gis Experience, i work in this field from last 11 years i want to do study in more i am Bcom Graduate this is hurdle for my Carrier I want to go for higher education please Gide me how can go for higher studies.

    Thank you


  327. R. Majumder Says:

    hi sir,
    I have complted M. Sc( IT) from Alagappa University can I join any online GIS learning course.
    Thanking you

  328. Raj Says:

    can you pls. guide me about the institutions in india which offers Distance learning masters programme on RS & GIS or on Geoinformatics

  329. mukesh Says:

    Is there any correspondence course, or short duration course of 4-8 weeks from any of the university in Remote sensing & GIS.
    PLS inform ASAP.

  330. Nazia Tasmin Says:

    its nazia. i want to study in India in GIS .PLz show me somw ways.

  331. Fardin Says:

    Hello sir
    i want to join MSc in Geo informatics from Annamalai university in annamalai nagar in distance this recognize university or not. I want to know about correspondance Msc or Mtech in R.S and GIS.

  332. Sandeep Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am interested in your GIS programmes and i want to know about your programme details.
    Another information i want to know about is which college is providing in Geology?

  333. Ibrahim Khalil Says:

    Please i’d like to know if there is any university in New Delhi offering Masters in GIS. Thank you

  334. vaibhav kumar Says:

    Hi sir i have finished my computer science engineering and curently working in software firm for last 1.5 years ,i want to do masters in geoinformatics i want to know what exactly is scope of computer science engineer in this field and what kind of work they get after compliting the course

  335. sanjay sharma Says:

    Dear Sir,
    i wan to join in your GIS course please let me knwo the fee and duration

  336. settipallybharath Says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have completed my in Computer Science.I am interested in doing MS in GIS.I am glad to know if i have a scope to do or not.If there is a possibility what are the pre-requisite courses and requirements??

  337. sohan shinde Says:

    would u like tel me any gis job
    i am Ms. geo-informatic and searching job in gis field

  338. josyula sri lalita Says:

    hello adrija chatterjee , u told u have done ur msc geo informatics from teri university so can u please tell me abt ur course n h was the university (in means of faculty,infrastructure)

  339. RATUL SAHA Says:


    I want to study and make my carrier in gis/geoinformatics.i have completed my M.A course in GEOGRAPHY…with 69%marks and B.A passed with 54% marks..and i m not so tallented student but although i have a great interest in gis/geoinformatics..I have a vision to make my carrier in the field of g.i.s,sir ,,,either any chance for me to get into g.i.s or not..and which govt.institution is best for me…and pls suggest me about g.i.s carrier…..bcs my family tell that there is no hope for me…but i want……my email-id is…..i am waiting for your kind suggestion

  340. rajkumar Says:

    Hi. Im interested to learn GIS. But im not good in maths. so will that be a problem to learn it? and where can learn it in chennai? has it good job opportunites>


  341. essa khan Says:

    gis what is that

  342. Kripa Says:

    i am complete b.a( geography hons) and do pg deploma in gis and rs cource in jadavpur university kolkata. I want to do management degree. But i can’t understand in which plz sepcify what i do ???

  343. kishan bavalia Says:

    Respected sir,

    I am studing in bach. in geography i am very much intersted in GIS can u suggest me good institute for it. where is good placement also.

  344. KOMAL SHARMA Says:

    m komal sharma, i have completed Msc. in geography from K.U.
    PLEASE which type of industry i can go for to pursue my carrer.
    pls help.

  345. emma Says:

    i am emmanuel nyandwi
    i am rwandan
    i wish i followed Msc remote sensing and GIs applications.
    could you kindly inform me what best university in india, with international accreditation, the cheaper of india. thx for helping

  346. prasad gandhi Says:

    HI Sir,

    Now i am studying M.A in Geography. I want to take admission in GIS ,can u suggest me some diploma institute of gis
    in mumbai or pune area.

  347. Saurabh Sonawane Says:

    I am pursuing B..Tech in Electronics. But I was interested in Geography since I was a kid. Which entrance exams I will have to give ? What are the opportunities in GIS in India and abroad ?

  348. Kashi Says:

    Hi sir,

    I have completed Dip in Electronics & TC, have Degree, Exp of 4.5Yrs of GIS Small World Application as a user.

    Now i am not able to find the job for the GIS post every where they are asking for developer or other things kindly help me out whether i have to go for or GIS developer courses.

    If possible guide me to choose the course..

  349. Says:

    I am H V Shreedhar I am gaduate in geography and GIS Remote Sensing since i am working GIS Feild 7 year I want to create self emolyment what I should to do Instial work eniviroment to create

  350. sajju Says:

    hi Sir,
    I am sajju from Delhi. Now in ESRI as a system executive. I dont have any technical degree. i have done my BSc. in Chemistry from DDU university. am i eligible for MSc. in geoinformatics. i want to do this from open university or collage . guide me and tell me the best open collage or university for MSc in geoinformatics

  351. akash dadel Says:

    hello sir.. i m doing B.A in geography can i join gis after this?and what is the time period of completion of gis sir?

  352. dhiraj Says:

    Sir, I am a Geography student and i want to learn GIS , so kindly help me for this course. In India which have GIS institute !

  353. Ashu Says:

    sir myself ashu, i hv complet in 58% after that i want complete distance learnin gis and RS course. so plz give me a idea abt college in north india and which course i can do?one thing i m central gov employer so as per that give me better course and college name?

  354. leena Says:

    hi I am leena , i am staying in pune ,NIBM
    i want to do GIS course . can you please guide me where i can find it in pune city? thanks!!

  355. Smriti rekha Says:

    Sir, I am doing BA in geography. I want to do GIS course. Am i eligible for this course? And what perchantage is required? And i also want to know about this course.

  356. Smriti rekha Says:

    Dear sir, i am doing B.A. in geography. Am i eligible to take admission in GIS course.? What perchantage is required for admission ? And i also want to know about this.

  357. ameer Says:

    Dear sir,
    I am i a m working in oman as aland surveyor.i don’t have surveyor course i am would like to study short term land surveyor please guide me where the institude are locate in may month course are avilable

  358. MANISH Says:


  359. Sneha Dutta Says:

    Hello sir. I m sneha dutta, student of B.A final year geography honours from west bengal. I wanna make my careeer in rs/ gis . Kindly suggest me names of universities offering post graduate courses in rs/gis and also the terms and conditions to apply for the courses.

  360. Nageswararao.T Says:

    Hi guy’s plz any body give me any suggistion for phd in GEO Informatics

    My name is nageswararao
    Qualification engg)
    working in IT company

    iam very intrested to do my phd in GEO Informatics as well as continue my job guy’s pleaase suggest me college ,university and all

    Thanks Advance:


  361. chandrashekar.T Says:

    recently i got the offer in photo grammetric .But i dnt know the future in that. i want to know how is the future in photo grammetric and future pay scale ?…please kindly let me know the information

  362. Kedar Says:

    Dear sir,
    I’m doing BSc Computer Science and looking for GIS Remote Sensing for Post Graduate. Which institutes of Maharashtra offers these Courses?
    Plz guide …

  363. Arnab das Says:

    I am arnab das.I am pass in M.Sc in geography. Now i’m study in P.G Diploma in applied remote sensing and GIS(Geoinformatics) from Jadavpur university.
    I want to higher study in remote sensing and GIS, pls help me where i am study in India (west Bengal, jharkhand, bihar). Also tell me and qualification of RS & GIS and fees must be place.
    i am wait your ans.
    thank to you.
    yours faithfully
    Arnab das

  364. Mehdi Hasan Says:


    I want to take a training course in GIS. Could you pls tell me that is there any short course available in any institute.
    Thanks for your cooperation.

  365. Mehdi Hasan Says:

    is there any short course available in any institute.pls tell me.


    I am doing M.A. in geography and i want to learn GIS , so kindly help me for this course. In India which have GIS institute !

  367. indu i Says:

    dear sir,
    i want to join MSc GIS . what is the syllabus for the entrance examination of MSc in GIS ? plz give me some model question for the entrace or some previous question?

  368. Sohan Pawar Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I had completed my M.Sc. in Geoinformatics, now I want to do the M.Tech. in GIS and R.S.,please tell me what is the criteria about exams and admission

  369. leezumla Says:

    i am doing my B.A. in geography 2nd year!. From you above given information i know that i am eligible for M.Sc. in remote sensing and GIS .. but can you please specify the colleges that offer the course.
    waiting for your quick and positive reply. 🙂

  370. nilesh Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am NILESH from gujarat. i have 2 years job experience in gis.
    i am 12th pass in commerce.i want make my career in gis.
    so please give me suggestion for further study in gis.

  371. Shikha Tripathi Says:

    M pursuing B.A. in geography(1st year).
    how can i make my career in GIS n remote sensing?

  372. piyush jain Says:

    sir I am piyush jain study in final year of B.E. in computer science.
    now i want to study GIS and remote sensing, i scored 550 in gate 2011 with 97.59%ile and 538 with 98.07%ile in gate 2012. what is the institute i have to take. is thete any NIT for a good study of GIS.

  373. vedant Says:

    Dear Sir
    I am doing Geo Informatics from UPES,Dehradun . I am in 2nd year and am interested in gis related courses in month of july-august . So can you recommend me the place from where i should pursue the course .

  374. Sachin Sagar Says:

    hiiii, i am in MCA 2yr, Can i do GIS? and Which College is best in North India.. Plzz tell me Its Scope, And give me some suggestion to admition….

  375. lalan kumar choudhary Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am lalan from bihar. i have 4 years job experience in gis.
    i am 12th pass in science.i want make my career in gis.
    so please give me suggestion for further study in gis.

  376. Rajneesh Gartan Says:

    hi my name is rajneesh gartan i am doing geography and i want to do gis and i have completed my 2 years but i could not complet my in 2 years so may i do gis without this means but i have done my gradution with 51 % plz tell me about this

  377. A.Sharma Says:

    I m M.Tech in App Geophysics,having experience of 2 yrs in GIS ,and a certificate course from ESRI USA. as I was out of country,I had gap in my career . Now I m bck in India after 6 yrs. Now I wish to pursue my career in GIS and I m interested in doing PHD in GIS .I have gone thru website of IIRS. I m in living in noida ,how can I do Phd elsewhere. Do u have any idea of Phd in GIS and RS in Noida /Delhi. Thanks in advance

  378. Surabhi Says:

    Respected sir..
    I’m Surabhi from b’lore… I’ll be graduated in electrical engineering in 2013, next year.. I wish to do post graduation.. I’ve always been interested in space science since school days.. I read an article on GIS recently which said about geo spatial science… bt wiki info says it is related to civil… could u please put light over this… coz I really wish to pursue my dreams in anyway i can…

  379. Arif Mirza Says:

    The Masters in Geoinformatics at the Insititute of Environment Education and Research, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune is a very good one. I have done the course and am very well palced today. The course content is excellent, far ahead of any other similar course and faculty are national experts and very friendly. They also have a international internship program. A would definately recommend this place. Check out their website http?//

  380. Resmi Anil Says:

    My daughter’s doin her 12th. Wants to pursue Geoinformatics. I wud love to know more bout job opportunities after takin UG course or Masters in GIS.

  381. purushothaman Says:


  382. purushothaman Says:

    hi guys i’ve just completed my course in geology… im intrested in doin in gis … so please help me and let me know some thing about the universities their fee structure and accomodation… let me know ……

  383. Michelle Says:

    Will an undergraduate course in geography do in order to persue GIS at the post grad level? or is science or computer required at undergraduate level.? im not a science sudent but interested in geography and GIS ! PLS REPLY!

  384. Gyang Davou. Says:

    I’m Nigerian,with first degree in Geography and second degree in GIS and Remote Sensing. Need a masters in GIS & Remote Sensing.



  386. kishor kumbhar Says:

    hi sir, i am Kishor
    from vita.
    just i have Complited b.a in geography. i want to do my career in M.Sc. Geo-informatic . Plz Guid me

  387. Madhuri Says:

    Hello sir, Your site is so helpful for students of Geo. I did graduation in Geography in June 2007. In month may of same year I was married. After having child I want to do G.I.S. & R.S. Certificate Course. I want to find out institute near by Dadar in mumbai with your help. Plz reply me.

  388. mahesh Says:

    I’m mahesh completed my btech geo informatics from andhra university, i want list of institutions which provide msc (or) for geo informatics in distance mode please kindly suggest me some institutions and send rply to this mail id waiting for ur rply……

  389. sameer Says:

    i am a gis career since 12 years,it has more scope in this technolagical world,
    and if you have any doubt i can help you,
    Please contact me through my email id

  390. krish Says:

    I want to know… what is called geo infomatics? and the job opportunities after taking the Course….. in anna university

  391. shreedhar Says:

    MY name is shreedhara i have gaduated in geography and GIS Remote sensing lidar photogrammetry and i have ex in 5 years can i do phd in lidar and photograpmmetry

  392. shreedhar Says:

    any best university or institutes have phd in lidar and photogrammetry

  393. Prasanna Says:

    Dear Mr.Laksh,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions. I need your help in understanding on the prospects of learning GIS. I have done my graduation in Ayurveda followed by, i changed my career towards Sales and Marketing. I did complete my MBA in Marketing with many PG Diploma courses supporting my career.
    I had recently joined in a leading GIS company in India and would like to pursue some course to improve my technical knowledge in GIS and RS.
    My job would be between Bangalore and Chennai, every 15 days. Need to understand how a such courses would impact a Sales person after 10 years experience in varied industry.

    Kindly suggest your opinion.

  394. Nics Says:

    Respected Sir,

    I’m doing a B.E. in Computers currently. I would like to pursue a future career in geoinformatics. What are the basic requirements for such a course? Is the gis couses a more of a programming couses or a georaphical one.

  395. Payel Ganguly Says:

    Dear Sir
    I am a freshers, have completed Post graduation in Geography last year. Now I want to join PG Diploma in GIS at C-DAC noida, where course duration is 6 months and the course fees is around 79000/-. can you please tell me is C-DAC a good institute for gis training? will they provide any placement assistant after completion of the course?



  396. shreedhar Says:

    dear sir/madam

    I need information for pgdiploma for lidar and photogrammetry i am graduate in geography and i have 5 years exp in gis pls how many duration and how i can do pratical class in distance eduation what is proceedure pls email me

  397. Mohd abbas Says:

    i am bsc in geography .i want to doing msc in geo-informatics.whch university is best for me
    please help me

  398. Mattar Albadi Says:

    Master of GIS & RS

  399. Agnib Pyne Says:

    Hello Sir, I am Agnib from kolkata.
    I am a B.Com graduate and then I completed DOEACC ‘A’ level. Its a PGDCA course, presently I am in the last semester of MCA from IGNOU. I am interested in programming and databases, but i am not getting good opportunity in good companies, as because I am not a Recently, I have got an offer for GIS executive, It includes AutoCad, arcgis etc. Now, I am not from geography background so i wonder about my future prospects as GIS executive.
    Whether I will stay as an executive or I may get myself to GIS development later and what is the way to get promoted to GIS developer or GIS software engineer.
    Please help me sir.
    Thank you in advance.

  400. Rakesh Says:

    I hv completed my B.A recently bt don’t hv geography in my subject combination can i still do Gis?

  401. Rakesh Says:

    I hv completed my B.A recently bt don’t hv geography in my subject combination can i still can do Gis?

  402. Rosy chatterjee Says:

    sir,i have just completed my graduation in geography..i want to study g.i.s and r.s..sir pls tell me the detais…l

  403. hitesh kumar bisen Says:

    sir i complete my graduation( with geology and pg diploma in rs and gis . can i get admit in courses and which college offer it.

  404. aryan Says:

    hi.. i m aryan kamboj from haryana.. i hv jst cleared out my bca with second division… cn i take admission in gis course ???

  405. disha sengupta Says:

    dear sir,
    i am Disha sengupta from west bengal,i am doing B.A. degree and very much intrested in GIS but have too less conception in the courses in this stream.if you please tell me which courses are good for me and will get jobs then it will be really good.and please tell that how can i get the chances,either through the entrance exams or through my marks.
    please do reply sir,its really urgent to me.
    thanking you.

  406. Lokesh Kumar Says:

    In Hyderabad also there are two universities which offer GIS and Remote Sensing courses.
    1)M.Sc Geoinformatics offered by Osmania University
    2)M.S and M-tech in Spatial information technology.

  407. BIJOY DAS Says:


  408. Amit Kumar Says:

    A new course M.Tech in Geoinformatics have been started by Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibur ( in 2012 academic year.
    This course have been started in the department of mining engineering.
    They also have started some 2 months certificate courses in GIS and another course will start shortly in remote sensing.
    Amit Kumar

  409. Raju gogoi Says:

    I am Raju Gogoi from assam,I did my Graduation in Geography from guwahati.after that I took a diploma course in geoinformatics from accelcraft institute of geoinformatics technology Guwahati .At first I was apprehensive about the quality of course content and the placement part as it was a private institute.But after six months of course duration company gave me a placement. I have a good job with a nice salary package and now I am in delhi working with a very reputed Geoinformatics firm.the best part the institute did with the training was that they taught every thing in geoinformatics from GIS till lidar which I think a lot of Govt universities do not have.and apart from that they also did a career orientation for me as the faculty and the management were from the industry them selves so I got to know about the work culture right from my training duration.when I joined this company the corporate culture was not an alien thing to me. I will certainly recommend this institute to my friends and visitors on this page.

  410. blosy Says:

    i wnt detail abt “NeST Cyber Campus, Aluva, Kerla – Private Institute – Course on GIS Application Development” GIS Course

  411. Ajjay Says:

    Hii sir, i want to know about gsi where can i get the details of it, i m a eee graduate….How the future of gsi in India?? am i eligible to join in gsi field???

  412. seyi Says:

    Am a Nigerian and i wish to apply for the UNIGIS M.Sc at Mandras university. What do u have to say to the quality of Mandras in term of location, facilities, laboratory, past records, lecturer and their teaching quality. Mind you, the program is a distance learning type.

  413. Rajanya Dey Says:

    Myself Rajanya , have completed my B.SC ( Geo), now pursuing M.SC. I want to take admission in GIS course so sir pls suggest me the colleges where i can get admission. I scored 56% in BSC nd in MSC 70%. . So plz guide me

  414. Mr.Raju yashod Says:

    I like GIS Course

  415. Rahul bhingare Says:

    Hi if any Arc object cource in india

  416. jitendra Says:

    sir can you name some institute offering short courses in Digital Image processing in Erdas Imagine

  417. Gaurav Says:

    Im gaurav. I am interested in taking course in GIS. Are there any courses which I can pursue by correspondence?If yes pl advise so which would suit me.I have done a three months course on GIS based on ArcGIS.
    Thanks a lot.

  418. shirsath shipa Says:

    sir can you please suggest me any course in gis after MA in geography i’m in second year of MA PLEASE REPLY ME ON MY EMAIL ID

  419. Mojib Jami Says:

    Am from Afghanistan, have completed my B.SC (civil engineering) I wish to apply for short term Rs & GIs courses in India . Could you please help me.

  420. M. Rizwan Khan Says:

    Sir you can add Survey of India’s Indian Institute for Surveying and Mapping Hyderabad to your list they do provide short Certificate courses and full fledged MTech too.

  421. M. Rizwan Khan Says:

    Some course are even held in IIIT Hyderabad. Headed by Prof. K. S. Rajan

  422. Toufique Says:

    Respected sir,
    I am studying M.A. in geography and complete two semester. In the final semester i want to take GIS as special paper. So what should i do after study GIS. plz give some sugestion, after study GIS in M.A. how far i can go in future. Or can i get any job……..

  423. Divya Says:

    Hii, Im doing my research in vector-borne diseases using GIS, but i did my UG in Plant Biotechnology and my M.Sc and M.phil in Environmental Science Since i’m new to GIS can u pls suggest any short term training Courses in GIS

  424. Vismaya Says:

    Sir. .
    I’m vismaya and i’m from kerala. I’m doing my +2 in humanities(geography main). After this course i’m intrested to pick bsb.geography +gis because i love geography very much. .is there any possibilities to pick this course.. I’m waiting for your reply. Please help me.

  425. parvesh chauhan Says:

    hi sir, i have B.A art+o level+a level and iam working in himachal pardesh forest deptment as gis techi technical assistant, i have 6 month exprince in Arcmap and i wont to do diploma in ARCMAP can i do or not if yes form wher,gid me plese

  426. vinit Says:

    hello sir
    here is vinit,i am fresh engineering graduate in electronics(with first class) and i am interested in doing my higher studies so i choose the which is related to space science but i am confused with courses offers by any other institute can you please specify or differentiate about following course which i am going to mentioned.
    1) difference between aerospace & space technology
    2) astrophysics & space science
    3) remote sensing and GIS & rocket engineering
    from all above which branch should select for best career option from above which branch should be suitable for an electronics graduate?
    should an electronics aspirant can join this branches?please give me details(fees,duration of course,any entrance exam to crack?when the online commencement will come etc) please also mentioned that when those institutes give online commencement ?so that i can remove my confusion ,contact as soon as can possible so that i can put some necessary steps in that direction i hope you you will contact as soon as can possible thanking you reply me on this id

  427. Swapnil Says:

    Hi I am Swapnil. Stay in Thane. I completed my B.A in Geography in 2008 from Mumbai university. I got information about GIS course from internet. I am very much courious about GIS.
    But my querry is I search on net then I find that there is lot of scope for GIS,but if you are engineer or you done or
    My querry is that if I done any diploma or course in GIS then can I get a job in Mumbai or near mumbai (my qualification is only BA in geography).
    I want to talk with u personally so can you sent me your contact details ( Numbar/mail ).

    Please revert me. Waiting for your early reply

  428. shreedhara Says:

    I am searching online pg diploma in gis photogrammetry and remote sensing

  429. shreedhara Says:

    yes nrsa in hydrabad

  430. Mamta Says:

    can anyone plz help… want to know if part-time GIS course can be done … if yes… plz suggest institutes in South Delhi…

  431. Anita grawall Says:

    I won to join in GIS course.pls let me known the fee and duraton

  432. Gouthami Says:

    hello sir,
    I completed Btech in electronics and control system, are there any certified GIS course with a duration of one year. Please let me know.

  433. Paul samual Says:

    Hai, sir i just completed my graduation in then after it may i able to join GIS course.

  434. amit Says:

    Hello sir
    I coplited B.A in Geography so I am not dissuaded to next education so guide me

  435. ATOKI LUCAS Says:

    pls, i am from Nigeria, i ve neither parent nor guardian but i want to fulfil my desire as GIS expert at masters level. Do they normally issue scholarship award? I ve graduated as surveying and geoinformatics.

  436. manisha banerjee Says:

    hi sir i am now 2nd year student of bsc general on geography ,after my graduation may able to join this GIS course…….

  437. naveen Says:

    hi sir
    i’m Naveen i had complete my B A degree Geograpy as a major subject now i’m interested to join for M Sc in GIS so suggest me which college is better to join. is this course help me in my future life to getting job……

  438. sushil Says:

    SIR, my m.a. geography completed and
    i want to join in GIS course please let me know the fee and duration.

  439. indira Says:

    hallo Sir,
    My daughter is going to complete her Engineering graduation in Geoinformatics(BE geoinformatics).I would like to know the job opputunities in different fields. and also PG courses available for her future studies in Tamil Nadu and India (Specify the name of the Colleges)

  440. shreedhara Says:

    she has to do mtech geoinformatics throught gate three are many companies and institites have

  441. Paramjit Singh Says:

    if i will do this msc geoinformatic course from distant learning, so it will affect carrer growth or not..?

  442. Mohammed kabir Aliyu Says:

    pls i want know any university in India that offer M.Phil/PhD in GIS and Remote sensing application, which would admit PG 2014/2015?

  443. Anees ahmed Says:

    sir my name is Anees, passed b.pharma (graduation), can i take admission in gis? please sir detail about after gis.

  444. Abubaker Haroun Says:

    Where can I get RS & GIS short course scholarships (3 months)

  445. Lakshmi Pandit Says:

    I hv done Six months Geoinformatics diploma course from Accelcraft
    Institute of geoiformatics and now I am working in an MNC in mumbai in GIS deptt but I want to do a phd in GIS can anybody guide?

  446. Shailesh Chaure Says:

    List of Institutes /Universities offering course on Remote Sensing, GIS, Geoinformatics can be seen at following link

  447. Pallavi singh Says:

    I am m.a in geography ,can i eligible for gis and remote sensing

  448. Rahul Karpe Says:

    I am Rahul Karpe. I have compled graduation in geography and i want make my career in GIS,
    Pl do guide in getting some universities and collge – pg diploma course in gis and remote sensing

  449. yogesh Says:

    Hi ,you can try with Sunsoft Technologies, Bangalore/Melbourne for GIS Training with ArcObjects. You can do it both online and class room with hostel facility in Bangalore and Melbourne.
    Mb: 9844202861

  450. foobar Says:

    Sir, Can you suggest me some Govt institutes to study MSc in Remote Sensing. I’ve BSc in Computer Science Degree. As far I know IIRS requires another MSc degree for their MSc course and There is only MTech course in IIT Bombay in Remote Sensing. I want to know if any other reputed Govt. University Offers MSc in Remote Sensing Course. Thanks.

  451. sajan Says:

    I am management student but I have work experience of 5 year in GIS so now i am really want to do 4 year degree in bangalore . give me details about that.

  452. Moomal Says:

    Hi I need to know best Place to do Diploma in GIS from Hyderabad
    (Both Private and Govt Institutes)

  453. rajeswari Says:


  454. rajeswari Says:

    hi sir
    i am rajeswari from chennai i completed bca.
    i am looking for course mscremote sensing and gis in which college i can prefer for this course in chennai. and whether training institution is value for this course.

  455. upasana choudhury Says:

    Sir, I am an arts students, i want to make my career in GIS. So i want to know which are the best universities offering GIS courses for arts student in INDIA. Thanks

  456. upasana choudhury Says:

    sir, i am an arts student, i want to study GIS. so please help me by giving information about some of the best universities offering GIS courses for arts students in INDIA. THANKS

  457. priya Says:

    hello sir
    i am postgraduate in geography, i want to know about the course in gis or remote sensing for geography postgraduates n give me details about institute for that course

  458. priya Says:


  459. Aparupa Rudra Says:

    I just want to know about future job vacancies of pg diploma course.of gis & remote sensing.which course is better for job,diploma course or degree course? I am a M.Sc in Geography.which course is better for me?In south India which University is better.

  460. K.Venkateswara rao Says:

    i will join GIS diploma course after completed my course which type of jobs im eligible.

  461. bibuti bhusan tripathy Says:

    sir i am a btech student.i applied for pg diploma rs and gis in iirs.i got sellected.plz tell me it will be better for me or not.and what is its future

  462. aushmin lodh Says:

    please guide me regarding internship in drdo..for gis
    i am a student at iiit kerala…..tell me the name of professors in drdo who takes gis projects

  463. click the following web page Says:

    click the following web page

    GIS Courses in India |

  464. subhankar khamrui Says:

    i want more comment for applying

  465. dharani Says:

    after bsc geography which course is hopeful to study

  466. Rajan Prasad Rajak Says:

    Dear sir,
    Sir,I am complete my BA in geography.I have got 55%marks in geo. Can I take in GIS and where
    So,kindly inform me soon

  467. Biswajit paul Says:

    I am B.A in Geography (Pass) from burdwan university In 2013 . Am I eligibale in GIS & RS course ?

  468. Nalini Says:

    Hello sir! I wil complete my P.g. Degree in geograhy,after that I want to doing training of GIS so plz Can u tell me how many % should be enough in b.a. For do training of GIS ( minimum markes required in graduate)?

  469. Ranjeet Deshmukh Says:

    Greetings sir..!! I will be completing my BE degree in instrumentation engineering in may-june 2015 …i am interested in MSc in Geoinformatics..will it be suitable or helpful for me to get a good job?? I mean does an instrumentation engineer should opt for this course?? Your thoughts?? Please do rply asap..

  470. Muzamil Lalee Says:

    Dear sir/madam

    I am bachelor student in field of environment science,it is my fifth semester.cordialy want to join GIS and remote sensing course.please let me know about the duration and fee of the course.

    Muzamil lalee

  471. Santa sharma Says:

    Hello.. I am a graduate in BA honours with Geography. Can i join for GIS and Remote sensing full time course though i am from Arts background?

  472. Elvis Says:

    I am Cameroonian geoscientist with a master degree in Earth Sciences. I am looking for one year diploma in geoinformatic in India for about three years. Despite my effort I did not succes to achieve my dream. I was so happy to meet this site since I hope it can help me in that way.
    First I would like somebody to follow all the registrate procedure in place: somebody I would send the necessary documents and means and then he will be in charge to send it at the right administration direction.
    thank you

  473. Athar Rashid Says:

    hello sir,
    I’m in my final semester of PG remote sensing and gis, and I want to go for phd so would you please suggest me a university where i can fulfill the needs..
    that will be your most kindness..

  474. Yogesh munot Says:

    Guide me for better carrer in geoinformatics and its certificate course which I have to do,
    pleasure thank you.

  475. Aswini Thiruvalluri Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m Architect studying MBA Construction Management. I’m interested in learning GIS & RS. I would like to know if there is any kind of part time program in this field of study.
    Aswini Thiruvalluri

  476. Nilabhra Auddy Says:

    I am in class 10. If I have to study G.I.S then what subject combinations should I have in class 12? Please help. Another question, If I have humanities in class 12 then what courses can I after 12 and what are its job outputs?


    Which course is most valuable for a good job.and from where i get some suggetion about the enterence exam?plstll me.

  478. EcoSpatial Gis Says:

    EcoSpatial GIS Research Technologies Bangalore/Australia is providing workshop on GIS application as a green technology that is making a difference on our planet and to its people every day for key decisions about wildlife habitat, human health, renewable energy, climate change, water quality and availability, wilderness areas, and much more.It is a opportunity to pursue your passion as career.
    More details website

  479. Arpita Hait Says:

    Dear sir,
    I just joined in diploma in GISGPS (1st year).
    Just completed my 1stsemester.
    I want to know about future studies in this subject.. Can I do in this trade ??
    And I also want to know about the job opportunity after completing my diploma

  480. Kavita Singh Says:

    Sir I have done geography with GIS and RS as one of my subject. I want to know the scope of job in private sector. Also want to know that whether I have to do any more diploma course to get the better job

  481. Sumit guha Says:

    Hi sir.

    Iam doing BSc from calcutta univ . and iam doing a general course with a sub combination of geography, pol-science, economics.

    My question is tht will i be abel to do gis just by graduating with a general degree of bsc? As i heard tht to study gis honors is required in geography ..

  482. Debabrata Karmakar Says:

    what is started salary after GIS ???

  483. shweta Says:

    M shweta from punjab,I m BA student… +2 my teacher suggested me to go for GIS for my career,i have interest in geography subject nd want my career in this field….is GIS is the only course i can opt for my career??????? Wat are various job opportunities after GIS…..?????? Plz enlighten me.

  484. Nevin George Says:

    Hello everyone.

    I have done my bachelors in mechanical engineering, with little knowledge in programming. i am having around 11 years experience in oil and gas industry.This field is in geo informatics is very new for me , i am not much aware of it. But all i know is i love geography a lot.

    If i pursue a carear in geo inforamtics, what are the subjects in which i should have a base knowledge.
    Which are the universities which offer this courses in GIS.
    If anyone can leave a message it would be more helpful to see. if its the right path for a career switch

    Nevin george

  485. yashaswini Says:

    I am completing in general chemistry will u pls suggest me about GIS course & their institutions in karnataka

  486. dipjyoti barman Says:

    I am geography student of arts and minterested the course of geoinformatics ,so what can do sir?

  487. RN Roy Says:

    I would like to know about accelcraft guwahati who are providing GIS course. Standard and quality of the
    Gis diploma. Course
    May confirm please

  488. virendra Says:

    Hello sir,
    I am virendra here. i am trying to find out any institute which offers correspondence in GIS & RS and approved from UGC. please give your guidance.

  489. Arunava Nandi Says:

    I am going to be a Diploma Holder in Gis andGps in the year 2019. l want to get admission in BE orB.Tech. at any colleges.Please give the names of colleges having BE or B Tech.Courses.


  490. srija Says:

    I dont have any masters degree.. after graduation i’m doing Pg diploma in gis and rs from jadavpur university. Now i m thinking to do masters in DISTANCE in gis and rs from annamalai university.. how much valid will be that for my future incriment?

  491. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Srija

    I am not sure how much value add does distance education brings to your career. I would recommend to do some certificated courses offered by institutes like IIT

  492. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Arunva,

    There are lot of colleges offering BE courses in Geoinformatics. Please check College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University , please search online you may get an list

  493. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Yashwini

    I am surprised that you would like to do GIS course after chemistry major?. Any particular interests?

  494. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Nevin,

    There are lot of universities offers various courses from diploma to Engineering. Please search online. There are many job opportunities in geospatial arena for experienced people in oil and gas industry.

  495. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Arpita

    Yes definitely you can pursue BE/BTech in Geoinformatics. Lot of universities offering courses and please do search online

  496. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Sumit,
    Please check respective university requirements for PG degree. It varies.

  497. Shailesh Chaure Says:

    Information about the various courses in GIS in India is available on my webisite, through a interactive web based GIS application. Visit this link

  498. iamlaksh1 Says:

    good One Shailesh!

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