Increase performance to make ArcMap start and run faster

Really good news for ArcMap Users and here is technical article from ESRI on increasing the performance to make ArcMap Start and run faster.

  • ArcMap takes a long time to start and has poor performance

Below link from ESRI shows the ways to make the ArcMap to start faster.

Though this article is created on 8/24/2006 and modified on 8/26/2008. I’m wondering what are all the updates made by the ESRI recently. ArcMap is much better map viewing tool when compared with other products which I have used.

Anyway, ESRI fine tuning methods certainly helps ArcMap users in better way.

Edit: I got email from WordPress the I have copied the content from ESRI Site. Though I site the source of the article and added my comments, I donot know how it mean copying without their knowledge. I’m not sure how I have voilated terms of service of wordpress.

See the comment section for a mail from WordPress


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7 Responses to “Increase performance to make ArcMap start and run faster”

  1. Wordpress Support Says:

    You are not supposed to copy content from other sites. We have noticed that this particular content is from This is violating the WordPress Terms of service. Please visit for more information.

    Please also remove any content on your blog that’s copied Otherwise we have to block your account.

    Thank you
    Wordpress support

    *Please do not reply to this email address.

  2. Honey Says:

    this is honey and I need you help in developing an application in arcgisserevr9.2 java.I have been trying get samples but didn’t get any.I am new to this environment.If you can help me out(can spare some time) I will explain what is my application exactly.I have to use only arcobjects but not com.esri.adf’s.Thnaks in advance.


  3. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Can you please email your requirement?

  4. Honey Says:

    sory type mismatch before, It is point on polygon analysis or overlay analysis we can call it as

  5. Honey Says:

    Hi Got your mail ID..If possible please delete the above descriptions I am not able to do it and I think I am not supposed to publish it open.. thank you

  6. Tidibit Says:

    I have a question if you could help.
    First, are you familia w/ TDS Nomad?
    If so, I am trying to create a customized application for this device.

    For our filed Biologist.
    i am trying to use window mobile 6 hoever, we are haveing licensing issues , (in perchasing).
    Any how, I am using Excel to just creat the fileds i feel I need and then once completed, I will need to import it to VB ( Visual Studio )
    any ideas?

  7. iamlaksh1 Says:


    I’m sorry I am not familiar with TDS Nomad systems.

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