ArcGIS 9.3 SP1 Announcement

ArcGIS 9.3 Service Pack 1 is planned to be available for download later this year in November 2008. These issues are targeted for 9.3 SP1. ESRI will be updating this list periodically with additions and other changes.

There were several bugs reported and enhancements suggested by many.

Product                                      Issues reported

ArcGIS Desktop ~ 70
ArcGIS Engine 1
ArcGIS Server ~ 80
ArcIMS 1

For detailed list of bugs click the below link

ESRI note is much astonishing to me:

“Both the following list and the availability of targeted service packs are subject to change at any time without notice. Users should plan accordingly and, if advisable, wait for the release of a given service pack prior to making commitments.

Does the ESRI is not confident of fixing these bugs or its statutory warning to its product users?


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14 Responses to “ArcGIS 9.3 SP1 Announcement”

  1. ricky Says:

    sir,plese give me enformation for job in g.i.s

  2. raja Says:

    please sent the gis couse details.

  3. raja Says:


  4. Aejaz Says:

    sir,plese give me enformation for job in g.i.s

  5. UPAMA Says:


  6. nithesh Says:

    hello sir
    here i would like to know i completed my 2 years diploma course in civil. (passed 1998) rite now working in CAD is any related GIS course for me is any eligible minimum qualification for GIS

  7. Ibrahim Elshahir Mohamed Elshahir Says:

    am Agricultural Economist – working in General Administration for Planning and Agricultural Economics- Ministry of Agriculture – Sudan
    and I assist the Director of the Food Security Technical Secretariat (FSTS)
    In the unity of interventions and programs, which requires continuous follow-up work of different regions in Sudan.
    I am very interest to train gis programme which is matching my work& request for training.
    I hope to join this programme trainning course
    Thank you very much

    Ibrahim Elshahir Mohamed
    Security Technical Secretariat (FSTS)
    General Administration for Planning and Agricultural Economics
    Federal MInistry of Agriculture
    Khartoum – Sudan

  8. arun Says:

    i have one year exprns in arcmap9.3.1.
    is threre any vacancies?

  9. abdullah Says:

    I am from Oman i want stady dploma for gis in Noida – Delhi institute but the web site for the instetute is damage . How to conect to this instetute ?
    Thanks very mutch

  10. parthigis Says:

    respected sir,
    i want to know the case study and seminor topics for difficulties….. and i wanna take seminor in very clrly related on gis….. plz share me……..

  11. bvrmurthy Says:

    sir i want to to do my phd in please tell me the colleges or univerrsities available in india

  12. mahadeo Says:

    i want to perches Aec gis swoftwer old version for EDUCATION PERPOSES.TELL ME IN DETAIL SIR PL

  13. mousumi Says:

    sir,please give me information for job in g.i.s in pune.i complete my master degree Rs&gis.i have 3.5 experience.i know arcgis9.3,erdas8.5,autocadmap11,globalmapper

  14. reaganchris Says:

    Hi sir i done my +2 geography subject after i did my diploma then bcom but my age 29 i m very interested to learn gis and remote sensing i think madres university give msc geography through distance education can i join my only aim its for life aim after that can i do ph.d its possible or impossible pls tell me sir i have .mentaly upset this think only remaing in my life becoz now im working i cant do work proferly becoz of this problem give me good idea its my life aim

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