ArcGIS Online Services????

I am trying to connect to some of the standard map services from ArcGIS online using ArcGIS Server . There were several issues encountered while do so. This is not an easy task. Though ESRI says connecting to their services are simple and direct.  It should be noted that atleast service pack 4 is necessary to connect using ArcMap client. Connecting server using “ArcGIS server internet connection” . Selecting an ArcGIS Server Internet data source implies that the client will use access an ArcGIS Server service through a Web service endpoint.

In a resource manager, when specifying the definition for an ArcGIS Server Internet connection, provide the URL for the server that contains the service, then select which service you want to view from the dropdown box.  If authentication is enabled on the site, enter a username, password and domain before connecting.  There were several borders to be crossed if you were working in secured environment. Crossing firewall, webserver authentication, identity issues.

Since ArcGIS Server Web services can also utilize authentication enabled on a Web server, multiple Internet data sources with different authentication credentials can be used within the same Web application.  Installation of arcgis server and post installation is cumbersome job. Especially web application post install is important.

I’ve come across this error (see figure) while connecting to the services. If any one has fair success in doing so please drop me an email. I have deleted ArcWebServices account and did Web Apps post install but no success. I guess there is an identity issue while connecting.

Any ideas will be highly appreciated!


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5 Responses to “ArcGIS Online Services????”

  1. Says:

    Very good info for starters but I dont agree with difficulty in connecting to ArcGIS online. I myself have done it tons of times but never really face any difficulties. If it were ArcGIS 9.1 I’d agree with you but starting from ArcGIS Server 9.2 ESRI took considerable effort in making ArcGIS Server deployment very easy.

    Thank you

  2. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Can you share your experience ?

  3. egis Says:


    Can you check with the version of and IIS are configured properly. ESRI as given a link for doing the same.


  4. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi EGIS

    Thanks for your comments. Yes, I have checked Version of IIS and .NET

    IIS- 6.0; .NET – 2.0. Can you site the link?

  5. sanjay srivastava Says:

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