ArcGIS 9.4

Hello All

Thanks for eveyone !. There are lot of emails during this break. I’ll try to respond everyone at the earliest. I donot have much time to write either. Surely will answer all mails/queries.

I’ve been relocated to new place, new job and life gets changed.  Life in metro is not easy as expected. Life goes on. OK.

Recently I came across Dev Summit QA.  Though this news might be old but still interests me. For further reading pl click ESRI Dev Summit QA.

What interest me most is the question given below

Q: Will there be a replacement for MapObjects? In other words, will there be options for desktop deployments that don’t require the full functionality of ArcGIS Engine?
Yes, we are doing some research work on building a focused, lightweight .NET API deployment option with functionality similar to MapObjects. We will discuss our thoughts at the DevSummit Plenary. We encourage your feedback both at the summit and in the postsummit survey.

This is really good one from ESRI. Being GIS developer the light weight API defintely helps many buddy developers to start with and other hand simple GIS application can be developed with cheaper cost. Kudos ESRI !(if you make this happen)

Keep Watching…


2 Responses to “ArcGIS 9.4”

  1. Says:

    Hey I was there in the conference hall when steve answered this question. Yea why in the hell someone needs to buy whole ArcGIS Engine if all they want is a very small functionality ?

  2. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Thanks for sharing your views. Steve said light weight API with minimal functionality, not the whole bunch. I feel definitely this is much needed one for developing simple GIS apps . I support ESRI if they make this happen.!

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