ArcGIS Server Java Samples

I’m surprised to see lot of ArcGIS Server Java Samples posted in ArcScripts Section of ESRI.  This is really great news for Java Developers.

  1.  Custom Query :
  2. Hide Layers:
  3. Simple Routing Task:
  4. Search Attribute Task (with Source Code):       (Using ArcGIS Server 9.3)
  5. Bookmark Map Extent:
  6. Add Layers to mapservice :
  7. Upload and Download Points, Lines and Polygons (CSV and WebGraphics)

.. and more java samples for reference. I guess ESRI started shifting their interest to Java too.


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5 Responses to “ArcGIS Server Java Samples”

  1. C Koverchenko Says:

    Thanks! Also can be found on Esri’s resource site:

  2. dewa Says:

    i’m sadewo from gadjah mada university
    i’m so interest with arcgis server, can you give me some guide or modul of argis server in java…in geography faculty of gadjah mada university that want be developt for any application…
    thanks for your attention and help…

  3. Karthik R Says:

    Java is the best for develobing both ARCgis Standalone/Web Applications?

    No other language can mess with it…….

  4. BhanuPrasad Says:

    Sir i want code for using mappoint tool how to get the map layer id,results of clickingarea dynamically

  5. bry Says:

    can you give best referencefor learns build develop arcgis server with java step by step ?

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