Code Conversion

Many developers looking for sample code, most often we will get a sample in other language than we develop. Here is one link which may help for developers to convert between C# to VB.NET and vice versa in a single click.

There are certain points to noted after conversion like

  • Braces- in VB.NET we use () whereas in C# [ ]
  • Explicit conversion of ESRI Interfaces/Methods
  • C#.NET Version- Setting Create Ramp to True 

     IAlgorithmicColorRamp colorRamp    

          bool t = true;

          colorRamp.CreateRamp(out t);

  • Whereas VB.NET we simple use –> colorRamp.CreateRamp(True)     
  • Ending braces in C# has to done manually. variable.ToString() or enum.Next()
  • Collections need to be carefully analysed.
  • ….

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