Securing GIS Services in 9.3

How to secure the GIS services and Web applications in ArcGIS Server 9.3

In the 9.3 release, many of common security tasks can be done in ArcGIS Server Manager. Instead of editing configuration files, use the Manager user interface to configure security for the Web GIS. Here are the tasks that can be accomplished using Manager:

• Create and manage users
• Create and manage roles/groups
• Create and manage permissions for Web services and Web applications
• Configure the stores for users, roles and permissions
• Deploy services and applications with security enabled
Managing finer-grained access to Web applications and Web services are still done through custom code in ArcGIS Server 9.3.

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2 Responses to “Securing GIS Services in 9.3”

  1. Noureddine Says:

    whats really missing is a security module just like onpoint product, i know many people buy onpoint product just becase of security, and they dun want to spend time and money on development, i think ESRI should really think about this seriously, i have done a small security model but if u think of its vast, onpoint applies security on fields, and using many methods, active directory,, etc

  2. iamlaksh1 Says:


    Really good point you have raised. Hope ESRI listens to it. I hope you can have simple login page using .NET itself enough for web applications. I also believe that securing field levels is much specific requirement.

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