Do you know what is in desktop 9.3

ArcGIS Desktop 9.3 RC version  Features and issues/enhancements reported. I have complied from ESRI Forum on RC as on 20th June, 2008 at 15.30 pm IST (Indian Standard Time, GMT+5.30). I found these information will be helpful if you are start using Desktop 9.3. You can also verifiy whether bugs/enahancments made in 9.3 final version against this. Users are very good in testing the product than the developers/software testers who are sometimes baised. I have given link to follow up the issue, if you are interested.

Do you know these in 9.3?

  1. Sorting twice over in the attribute table
  2. Bookmarks on the main menu – and a nicer interface
  3. Status Percentage during geoprocessing requests.
  4. The PAUSE labels button on the label toolbar is a useful function.
  5. Attribute tables now have an option to show the field ALIAS name. {Table Name}.{Field Name} in the attribute table days are gone.
  6. The Alias field name is also used in the Join attribute dialog box when you choose which field to join a feature/table to.
  7. The mouse wheel zoom in now has an option that you must set that will zoom to the center where the mouse pointer is located instead of the center of the screen which is the default setting.
  8. The option to move a legend item all the way to the top or bottom of the list in just one click
  9. Layer Properties under the Joins & Relates there is a Properties box showing details for each join and relate. 
  10. The improved reliability
  11. Crash to desktop sends error reports
  12. ..much more

Issues/Bugs/Enhancements Requests

  1. CTRL-C to copy from help system. Click here to read 
  2. ALT F11 enhancement . Click here to read
  3. Provide debugging options in the Field Calculator. ESRI logged this one. Most valid one. Click here ro read
  4. Layer Annotations from 9.1 have fonts added and colors changed. Bug- Click here to read
  5. Add to Recent Documents list on startup. Nice one. Read here
  6. Excel file contain any foreign characters in the field names. Read here 
  7. “Catastrophic Failure” during MXD opening when double-clicking. Read Jeff comments. Details
  8. Sharing violations-shema locks ArcMap ArcCatalog. Read here – Still we need explicit refresh even at 9.3.
  9. Select by Location – Results Wrong. Read here 
  10.  Divide function’s dialog – Place points separated by every X units. Grammetically mistake.
  11. Geocoding issue. Not sure whether user mistake or certainly a bug. Read here
  12. ArcCatalog: import tiling scheme from ArcGIS Server 9.2. Nice one.  

Tip for point 12 on Issues from ESRI: This is to confirm you that we cannot use different versions of ESRI software to manage AGS services. ArcGIS Server 9.2 services can only be administered with ArcCatalog 9.2 or with ArcGIS Server Manager 9.2.  You must use ArcCatalog 9.3 to administer ArcGIS Server 9.3 services.
You can update the cache of ArcGIS Server 9.2 with ArcCatalog 9.3. This can be achieved by coping the cache of ArcGIS Server 9.2 in the cache folder of ArcGIS server 9.3 and then updating cache from ArcCatalog 9.3.

Simply put – you can’t even connect to Server 9.2 with a 9.3 Catalog 

Thanks to Jeff to listening User needs patiently and providing solution and make note of all issues/enhancements.

  • Jeff, Development Technical Lead , User Advocacy Group (UAG) , ESRI Support Services doing good job.

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3 Responses to “Do you know what is in desktop 9.3”

  1. marseyas Says:

    Do you know if I could publish an AGDesktop mxd to ArcGIS Server 9.3 using?

  2. marseyas Says:

    9.2 mxd that is…

  3. Rich Says:

    “You must use ArcCatalog 9.3 to administer ArcGIS Server 9.3 services”

    I can (although I’d rather not!) use Catalog 9.2 to administer Server 9.3, not that important but possibly worth knowing!

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