VS2008 and ArcGIS 9.3

ESRI : “Visual Studio 2008 will be a fully supported development platform for working with the .NET, VC++, and C++ APIs at ArcGIS 9.3. However, at this time, we do not recommend installing VS2008 and working with the ArcGIS Engine Controls. Our tests have revealed a significant issue (NIM013454) that would prevent developers from successfully using Visual Studio 2008 to build ArcGIS controls-based applications with the Tech Preview version of ArcGIS 9.3. Additionally the installation of Visual Studio 2008 also affects the application exe’s compiled with Visual Studio 2005 so these exe’s will crash when displaying a control. Uninstalling Visual Studio 2008 does not resolve the issue. We are working on a solution to this issue; if testing proves successful, the fix will be included in the forthcoming Beta of the ArcGIS 9.3 release.”

Does any one know/tested whether this issue has been fixed in 9.3 Beta? . Please comment if you have an answer.

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6 Responses to “VS2008 and ArcGIS 9.3”

  1. Mr.Bic Phuong Says:

    Thanks for your info, I’m planning to use VS 2008 and ArcGIS 9.3 but I’m worry about any trouble of this

  2. Dave Says:

    What is current status of VS2008 and ESRI

  3. iamlaksh1 Says:

    I suppose VS2008 should work

  4. Julio Cesar Says:

    Requiro infromación para elbaror mapas en formato WEB, relacion de .NEt, C#

    Saludos Cordiales

  5. fatah Says:

    Is it done ? I also have problems in my visual studio 2008, arcgis 9.3 sp1 and windows 7 rtm x64. The error says “Class Not Registered”.

  6. Claudia Botezatu Says:

    hy..can u give me a link from where i can get ArcGIS Engine 9.3? …of course a free version would be perfect ! 🙂

    Thank you ,

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