ArcGIS Server 9.3 on Dojo

Dave has started blogging on Dojo toolkit and gave nice refrences for kick start.  For those who werent part of ArcGIS Server Beta program (me too),it’s worth noting that the Javascript API that will be shipping with 9.3 is based on Dojo.

Here is from Wiki on Dojo Tool kit for first sip

“The Dojo Toolkit is a modular open source JavaScript toolkit (or library), designed to ease the rapid development of JavaScript- or Ajax-based applications and web sites. It was started by Alex Russell in 2004 and is dual-licensed under the BSD License and the Academic Free License. The Dojo Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to promote the adoption of the toolkit”

Its right time to learn Dojo Tool kit for working ArcGIS Server 9.3.  Get ready folks.



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