Geospatial Developer Survey Analysis II

In continuation with Part I here is second part  

 6.  “When you hear the term ‘Design Patterns’ what comes to mind?”. Here are the results, 

  • GOF (Gang of Four) –           55.3%
  • No Idea         –                    30.9%
  • Knitting                               7.9%
  • Graphic Design                   5.9%

Nearly more than half of respondents aware of some design patterns. Others should atleast poke their nose in know what it is, how best we can use this our projects, advantages and disadvantages of using them.  

7. Pattern Adoption 

  • What is pattern?                                                 37.5%
  • community or forum for developing pattern     44.7%
  • Limited to GOF, at best                                     17.8%

I’m happy that many of them interested to set up a forum or community to develop a geospatial pattern. Initiatives from people like Dave will be starting point in bringing new patterns which suits geospatial projects. I’m ready to join hands with Dave.  

 8. Model-View pattern use 

“Rate your use of Model View * Patterns” was the question    

  • What is Model-View:                       45.7%
  • Occasionally when I’m in mood      22.4%
  • Usually                                           20.1%
  • Never                                             6.9%
  • Always                                           4.9%

We infer that nearly 5% people using MV patterns in their work. It is also shocking that nearly 50% not knowing/using MV patterns in their development. Geospatial developer should atleast know what is MV pattern is. Dave has subscribed some docs for further reading. People who work with Server product from ESRI or other might know about the MVC architecture. The people who work with desktop products may not aware of what MVC, but still being a developer knowing what it is will certainly help.

 9. Inversion of Control & Dependency Injection

I belong to category of ‘What is Inversion of Control’. I’ve started looking at it. Martin Flower provides some basic details of IOC. 

  • What is Inversion of Control:        73.4%
  • Don’t like IOC                     :         12.2%
  • Other                                  :         5.6 %
  • Castle Windsor                   :         3.9 %
  • Spring.NET                         :         3.0%
  • ObjectBuilder                     :         2.0%

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    this is the correct url

  2. Harsha Vardhan Says:

    In continuation with Part I..

    The link leads to now where !!

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