GIS-SAP Integration

There are some active discussion going on some of social network sites on SAP-GIS Integration. I am also one who look for some specific information on integration of these two systems. I have searched continously and got some information which are useful for someone like me.  The GIS group in Larsen and Toubro (LNT) Infotech, Mumbai and TCS working on this integration. You can download their paper (won prize in ESRI) titled “DEVELOPMENT OF GIS-SAP INTERFACE FOR VALIDATION OF GEO-CODED ADDRESS” explains about application developed for electric utility company. “The GIS application was developed as a multi-threaded component implemented in the COM Model. The Arcobjects toolkit from ESRI forms the core of the component. SAP’s COM4ABAP software has been used as the middleware”. This is one example. ESRI has provided some docs on integration.  Here is list of some documents/paper for getting started.

1. GIS Best Practices : Using GIS and SAP , June 2007, ESRI

2. Technology Update : ESRI Internation User Conf 2005, ESRI SAP User group meeting

3. SAP/GIS Integration: Observation and practices by Stever Burner of ESRI

4. SAP Netweaver: ESRI-SAP competency centre, Europe (Good Document)

5. SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI) by Carsten Pipel (Good document)

6. SAP Business data visualization with Map Objects (Year, 1999: Outdated one)

7.  GIS and beyond Looking to SAP through the Ge0-Window: Belgian water Utility, Pidpa

8 . Tacoma Economic Development: GIS Diversity, Address and 3D visualization (2004 paper)

9. MDM for SAP-GIS Integration: from SAP Labs (Good doc)

10. Map4SAP: An ArcGIS Solution for SAP : Peter Wikinson , ESRI (UC 2007)

11.  Mapping Data in SAP-Business Ware House: Mark T.Schnur, M.S.

12.  Mapping SAP-BW Data

and many more documents available in internet for further reading.

In general, SAP systems are very costly and resources are also scarce. Most of pure GIS companies in India are medium level companies hence affordablity to SAP system is  void. Big gaints can make use of GIS (Mapping) potentials to their existing system(SAP).Most of integration has been taken place with respect to ESRI Products. Open source GIS integration with SAP is also another viable option.

Any comments/suggestions are welcome!.


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10 Responses to “GIS-SAP Integration”

  1. Forrest Horner Says:

    note that I’ve been able to integrate an ESRI based GIS browser (an ASP based app put togehter by our GIS group) into the SAP customer service screen (Customer Interaction Center) using GuiXT technology. I have a couple of video’s out under You Tube.

    I’m now working a little hobby project to integrate Google Maps and Google Street View to the SAP CIC as well…

    The point is I’m making it easy for clerks to work with map data, as and easy and smooth part of the clerks side of the customer service experience.

  2. Haryono Asngadi Says:


    Im still develop GIS-SAP ECC 6 Integration could you please send me a simple code from Map Object from ESRI

    Thank You

  3. iamlaksh1 Says:


    I am sorry that I dont have sample code on this.

  4. burcu Says:

    Thank you so much

  5. burcu Says:

    hi again,
    I could not find the paper entitled “DEVELOPMENT OF GIS-SAP INTERFACE FOR VALIDATION OF GEO-CODED ADDRESS” . Can you give us a link? I really need this.

  6. Saket Says:

    Hi, I don’t know much ERP, I want to know in which module of SAP will cover GIS Integration part .I am GIS analyst in one of the biggest MNC of India. I want to do SAP course, which module is better for me.

  7. Rodrigo Barrionuevo Says:

    Please let me add my knoledge about this topic.
    The SAP-GIS integration is very complex, as it requires competencies in 2 very different systems which are the GIS and the SAP ERP. Multidiciplinary team are recommended. The integration have to be consider for well defined business scenarios and the technical aspects of the integration are still important but less relevant. There are products this days that can deliver the integration out of the box, whithin a limited timeframe, minimizing risks and TCO.

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  10. jp Says:

    i hadn’t find mention paper on web, plz give me a link.

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