SDE Administration Web Page

Mr. A.J. Romanelli, well known person in ESRI Forums has uploaded SDE Administration utility in ArcScripts.  I hope this will be useful for those who frequently use SDE commands. Similar category of tool is developed by Mr. Vijay Loganathan who won second prize in code challenge contest, 2008. Search Arcscripts for details.

“The SDE command line tools provide a way to monitor and administer your SDE server, but remembering the switches and options can be a bit cumbersome. Some of the most often used administration commands (e.g. sdemon, sdelayer, etc.) have been wrapped up into an ActiveX dll that can be utilized in a web page. The sdeadmin.asp page provides a web interface for monitoring your sde servers. You’ll still want/need the SDE command line tools, but the web page will make the repetitive tasks (such as seeing who is connected) easier. 4/21/2008 – 9.2.82 – see readme for changes”


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