TIF Images not loading in MapObjects

Long back I have also faced problem of images not being loaded in some of my machines which runs my MapObjects application.  ImageLayer.Valid() method returns false in some occassions. I tried to find exact cause or probable causes for the issue. After giving enough try and searching forum, I learnt it may cause due to improper installation of MapObjects and it was suggested to MoRuntime.exe for avoiding these sorts of issue. This solution is helpful for few, but in mycase I couldnt figure the root cause. There is some internal issue with MO on loading this image predominatley in loading TIF format. ESRI should support major issues like this atleast!

Recently Brendan Lee & Maarten VanDenBroek facing similar trail.  Maarten has found a cause and probable workaround of this issue.  “We were able to determine that the client software for Oracle 10 was causing the problem (at least in our case). The Oracle software somehow interferes with the MapObjects software and prevents it from opening the image catalog and reading TIFF files. When we changed our application to intialize the GIS (loading the layers thus forcing it to load all its DLL’s) BEFORE loading the Oracle client software DLL’s, the problem went away”

I’m glad to see one workaround for this issue. This is good finding.  The unique capabilities of Process Explorer make it useful for tracking down DLL-version problems or handle leaks, and provide insight into the way Windows and applications work.

It shows exactly which DLL’s are loaded by the EXE at any given point  to study his problem.  Tools like this will certainly helpful for developers like us to understand the what happens behind the scene. 


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