ESRI 2008 Developer Summit Videos

ESRI posted 2008 Dev summit videos in their media centre site.  But these are videos are view-only, unable to download and listen at peace.  Due to low bandwidth and other technical constraints, am unable to listen and make use of it fully.  Why does ESRI preventing these resources?. Some of them upoaded as docs in Arcscripts. I request ESRI to make these videos available in downloadable format. Will ESRI listen my voice?.

Is there any one who uploaded these videos????. if yes, pl ping me.


2 Responses to “ESRI 2008 Developer Summit Videos”

  1. Dev Says:

    Hey Laxman,
    The videos in the 2008 Dev summit are flash videos. if you use Firefox, you can use the downloadhelper addon, and then download these videos in .flv format.
    The older videos are in Quicktime, and they are harder to download, since they are streaming media, but that can be done as well.
    Do mail me back if you have any questions

  2. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Thanks Dev!. Will try and let you know.

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