MapObjects and Visual Studio compatability

MapObjects 2.2 was designed, tested, and supported for use with Visual Studio .NET (from 2002), which uses the .NET Framework v1.0. Unfortunately, it is not supported for use with Visual Studio 2005, which uses the .NET Framework v2.0. It may just work, but we have not tested it. For one, the MapObjects installer only knows how to look for the version 1.0 GAC, so at a minimum, you would have to do part of the installation manually, depending on how comfortable you are with modifying the development environment and the .NET framework.

Even the most recent version of MapObjects-Windows Edition, version 2.4 does not support Visual Studio 2005.

It is unfornuate that ESRI will end MapObjects Supports soon and discontinue the product.


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6 Responses to “MapObjects and Visual Studio compatability”

  1. Paul Says:

    estoy utilizando la aplicacion MoView2 de visual basic 6 pero necesito migrarlo a y no encuentro reemplazo para la instruccion
    For Each aField In curRec.Fields
    Next aField

    para que me funcione en ya que esta instruccion solo funciona en vb6
    Si me pudieran ayudar con una alternativa para ejecutar esta instruccion me ayudarian mucho


  2. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Dear Paul,

    Can you please write in English, so that I may be of helpful to you

  3. donaldus Says:

    Dear Paul:

    I am trying to develop a map application with MapObjects 2.2 and Visual NET.

    The map is intended to show many information fields when user clicks on a shape. I tried to use MapObjects sample Identify (vb6), but works wrongfully.

    Could you helpme with some code for a basic Identify tool?


    Donald Chavez

  4. donaldus Says:

    Dear iamlaksh1 :

    Last message about Identify Tool was addressed to yo. Sorry by name mistaking.


  5. Kiran Says:

    Okay…if MO 2.4 has no compatibility with visual studio 2005 then wat is it’s alternate?

  6. iamlaksh1 Says:

    I think some workaround is available , please check ESRI MO Forum

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