Dynamic Legend Generation & Dynamic Display

Two interesting articles from other bloggers.

1.  Are you working ArcGIS Server with ADF?. Are you working with Print Functionality.  Do you need a sample for creating legend having below functionalities

  • Generates images at the required DPI
  • Customizable legend title
  • Handles group layers
  • Handles symbol groups
  • Creates a legend image of the desired height and width. If the legend entries overflow the height specified, they will be omitted. If all legend entries are required in the images, it should only involve a small change in code to remove the check for overflow.

Click here for code.  Author Vish 

2. Dynamic Display: This topic presents the best practices when using dynamic display in the ArcGIS framework. It introduces current usages and requirements, demonstrates several different approaches to the dynamic display of information in a geographic information system (GIS), and uses several references available in the ArcGIS Software Development Kit (SDK).  Dont Forget to read Limitations

Click here for ESRI Doc


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