Java Web ADF Work flow

The flow of customised application at desgin time may be:

  • A user creates a Java Web ADF based application with a JSF map control on the page
  • The user customizes the application’s look by modifying the style sheet
  • The user adds Javascript code to listen to updates on the map control
  • Based on any updates (for example change in map’s extent), the Javascript code performs some action to update content on the page

When the application is accessed through a web browser, at runtime:

  • The JSF controls’ state is rendered as an XML document
  • The XML document is transformed into HTML through XSL
  • This HTML includes several Javascript functions to render the controls on the browser page
  • The controls are accessible as objects through Javascript within the running application
  • When an end user performs an operation on the map and it is updated, the listener function is called
  • The listener then using information from the map, sends an AJAX request.
  • Some custom code processes this requests and renders an XML response
  • The XML response is parsed by a Javascript function and the page appropriately updated

Excerpt from ESRI website


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