ArcGIS Server 9.2 .NET Installation

Here is a link to guide and configure ArcGIS Server 9.2 distributed installation


3 Responses to “ArcGIS Server 9.2 .NET Installation”

  1. mini Says:

    arcGis is seperate GIS server or not?
    if i make my web application using ARCIMS framework then please tell me that as we have IIS server there for asp pages then like this can we have to install the ARCGIS server seperately or is there any option like IIS server for ArcIMS

  2. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Hi Mini,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to contact me. But I’m sorry I did not understand your question. Are you currently using ArcIMS and want to switch over to ArcGIS Server?.

  3. Aldo Says:

    ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server are two separate programs with different functionality. It would be better not to try to use IMS files with the new Server file. Server works a lot smoother than IMS.

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