Web ADF Learning Path

Here is the words from Rachel to learn Web ADF . Click Here

 “The move to Ajax has been tough for everyone, in the main stream dev community there’s been alot of blow back from .NET devs who now have to lean javascript and AJAX technology.I had a big learning curve with the ADF, but I’m relatively happy with it. BUT I had to do the following things:

1) Buy O’Reilly’s Javascript bible and master JS
2) Take a hard cold look at the underlying technology running the ADF which includes a firm understanding of:

  • ASP.NET 2.0 Server control Development using Embedded Resources and Javascript (I actually bought a 500 lb book on Server Control Dev at 2.0)
  • ASP.NET 2.0 concepts like Themes and Skin Files
  • Understand CSS very well
  • Understand Ajax technology at a very fine grained level
  • Understand how to debug embedded resources and use Visual Studio tools like script explorer.

Once you get these concepts, the ADF really aint all that bad. And I’m sure people will say well you shouldn’t have to learn all this stuff, but yeah I do, I’m a developer, I have to keep ontop of all this. If i didn’t touch esri technology, as an ASP.NET developer I’d still be expected to know all of the above technology.”


4 Responses to “Web ADF Learning Path”

  1. Schuller Tom Says:

    At the Java-side, it’s the same problem.
    It’s a big learn-curve for a newbie.

    You have to learn Ajax with Javascript, JSF and the WebADF.

    That’s why I have started the Iceface-Esri-integration.
    With Icefaces, you don’t have to handle the AJAX-communication with xml and javascript.
    You only have to write your Java-Code and your JSF-tags.

    Try out my page, it’s fully WebADF compatible and there is no Javascript-code used to setup this page. Everything is rendered by Icefaces.


    Perhaps this is also for ASP.Net possible.

  2. Lakshman Says:

    Thanks Tom!. How is learning curve for IceFaces?. Second, is ESRI supports IceFace Integration?. How best we can get support from ESRI if we use IceFaces. Can you mention cost factor also.

  3. Schuller Tom Says:

    learning curve is very low for Icefaces.
    They have out-of-the-box powerfull components.
    Try out this demo: http://component-showcase.icefaces.org/
    You only have to deal with the JSF-tags and the Java code.
    There is no need to write any Javascript code.

    All the communication handling for the AJAX isn’t needed (http://edndoc.esri.com/arcobjects/9.2/Java/java/server/web_adf/ajax/ajax_integration.html).

    I have started to build my own Icefaces-Esri-components.
    Check it out on my website.

    Esri isn’t supporting it yet. But I will be at PalmSprings where I got a meeting to present and discuss my project. Esri is interested on it.

    There is no cost factor except learning to set up a JSF-page and do some Java-coding around the WebADF.

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    […]  Web ADF in 9.2 has been under lot of critiscm from several folks though used widely. The ADF learning path is bit hard, thats the naked truth thats the reason everyone hate using 9.2 atleast in .NET. On […]

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