A Bachelors Uppuma!

Always Bachelor’s life is always filled with joy and fun except when it comes to matter of food. Hotels and fast foods burgeoning in all cities and town, finding the food with wide variety of items is not much difficult nowadays. One who leads bachelors life in house/room eagerly (secretly) wait for call from house owner or his friend who is staying with family to get a good home food on festive days at least. Every individual will like the food prepared (and served) by the mother is incomparable at all times. Kitchen is always treated as mother’s territory so far. Spicing, blending, baking, grinding were mere exercise, which are beyond our understanding or conception. After long suffering due to oily stuffs from fast foods and spending much to doctors on grounds of ulcer’s, stomach disorders, one finally abates the eat outs. Bachelor starts thinking towards the “Self-Cooking” as a last resort. One can be good eater and appetite and may be glutton; he should keep in mind that cooking is not a one more job.

Cooking by itself an art. One cannot master over them unless he passes the exam. The exam involves not to read or write; involves tasting his own’s preparation at fullest heart. Here is one old joke; a Father-in-law asking his Son-in-law “Sir, How do you feel about my daughter’s cooking?”…. he replies, ” till now I find difficulty in cooking, now in eating”. You can giggle on reading this joke. It is pretty true that preparing a dish, which is of fairly eatble, involves much work. Understanding the basic fundamental is very important for any one who is willing/interest to cook. Bowler in a cricket cannot pick wickets in his each delivery by keeping his line and length accurate, he can definitely restrain batsman from taking a run. Like that, one has to stick to basics. Basics in cooking are simple i) Be Prepared e.g. cutting necessary vegetables before hand, keeping all necessary items needed for cooking nearby and soaking dhal overnight are quite few ii) Be Methodical e.g. make mental of map of steps to be followed when preparing a particular recipe and adhere to it iii) Be thrifty e.g. one has to be very careful in using the quantity of items necessary of making a dish, using small burner of a gas stove, proper size of utensils will considerably saves the fuel; wasting of food items should be strictly avoided. iv) Be Safety e.g. cooking in gas stove needs careful attention to avert any injury. The understanding of these basics makes one to become a decent cook.  

Making of “Uppuma” (Uppu means salt in Tamil) a South Indian dish is explained in below. Uppuma is considered as fast food of traditional cooking. It takes about hardly five minutes to prepare delicious uppuma. There are different varieties of uppuma like Rava (called as Sooji) Uppuma, Semiya (Vermicelli) Uppuma, Rice Uppuma and many more. One can prepare according to his ones tastes and desires. Here is about preparation of rava uppuma. Ingredients needed for preparing uppuma for one person 

  1. Rava – 1/2 cup means half-a tumbler.
  2. Onion (minced) – 1 number
  3. Potato – 1 number
  4. Oil – 1 teaspoon
  5. Ghee- 1 small teaspoon District wise
  6. Green leaves
  7. Salt
  8. Mustard seeds
  9. Green chilies (minced) – 2
  10. Water – 2 cups (Rava: Water: 1:4 ratio)

Heat pan. Add ghee. Fry rava in ghee on medium heat until it turns light brown. Remove rava from pan and set aside. Return pan to stove. Add oil. When oil is warm, add mustard seeds. After the seeds pop, add onions, green chilies, and curry leaves. Sauté on medium heat for about one minute. Sauté for another minute. Add water, and salt. When the liquid begins to boil, gently pour rava into it while stirring frequently to avoid lumps. Mix rava well until all the liquid has been absorbed. Cook on low heat for another minute. Remove from heat.   Now delicious Uppuma is ready. Prepare the uppuma and taste it. Novice professional can prepare good recipe and enjoy his food. None of cookery article ends without a health tip. Here is the one; the less usage of “Five Whites” in cooking will keeps good health of the family. They are 1. Sugar 2. Salt 3. Milk 4.Curd/Butter 5.Coconut. These items are dangerous to health when exceeds the limit of usage. An expert says, “450 gm of sugar” is only permitted for a family of four persons for a month.


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