ArcEngine – 10 points command

  1. An ArcEngine application requires the geodatabase extension in order to edit data within an  SDE geodatabase.
  2. You can’t hide any layers in the toc control that are present in the map control.
  3. A geodatabase is a workspace and a workspace is a dataset. IDataset::Delete will delete dataset. Personal geodatabase is just a file and a file geodatabase is just a folder, so normal file system delete methods will work on them. 
  4. IGroupLayer and ICompositeLayer are the interfaces used to create and control the contents of group layers.
  5. IMapDocument allows you to work with an ArcMap project file in code. It has no relationship to the map control.
  6. Page layout control has a print method (IPageLayoutControl::PrintPageLayout).
  7. The vertical coordinate system is set through ISpatialReference3::VerticalCoordinateSystem.
  8. In .NET use the properties ending in “_2” to set them, those with out are read only.
  9. If you installed the developer kit after visual studio 2005 it should be automatically set up for you. The 9.2 integration kit is for vs 2005, while the 9.1 version is for vs 2003.  Click here for details
  10. Bookmark Tool : ControlsMapManageBookmarksCommand . You can get the collection of bookmarks from the IMap object via IMapBookmarks. If you create new bookmarks and want to persist them make sure to save the map document, unless you load them at run time. Click here 



2 Responses to “ArcEngine – 10 points command”

  1. rey Says:

    can u help me, how to create code for editing sde geodatabase using arcgis engine and c#.

    thank u

  2. matt smith Says:

    I know that you need either the geodatabase updating extension for ArcEngine runtime or ArcEditor to be able to edit SDE geodatabases (enterprise level). But what I would like to know: is it possible to make edits to a File geodatabase (single user, non-enterprise level), using the ArcEngine runtime license with ArcView, instead of purchasing either ArcEditor or the geodatabase updating extension for ArcEngine runtime. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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