Tracking Layer and its limitation

What is Tracking layer?. MapObjects help says. “A TrackingLayer object represents a layer in a Map that depicts geographically referenced phenomena whose position may change. These phenomena are referred to as events, and are represented by GeoEvent objects.”

Its sound confusing right?,  well, consider Tracking layer as virtual layer. For example, if you want add/draw shapes say, vehicle movements in vehicle tracking application, this comes handy. Not only restricted to dynamic objects, say when you query layer and draw the resultant features as tracking layer and export as shape file. In many circumstances tracking layer are useful for a developer.

Both the TrackingLayer’s Event property array and its Symbol property array  can hold up to a “Long” integer’s number of shapes and symbols. This is approximately 2.14 billion. However, you will probably reach a practical limit before you get that high based on your system resources and its draw performance.

Hope this post gives you information about Tracking Layer object in MapObjects.


4 Responses to “Tracking Layer and its limitation”

  1. khairul Says:

    Dear Mr. laksh

    is it posible mapobjects 2.4 can read data GPS, ex : 11’11’37”
    i want to develop a program using mapobjects + vb6.

    program will receive data from GPS. when i inserted a GPS data, ex: 11’11’37’, the program will make a mark (spot / point) on the map in the application. i’m sory Mr Laksh, my english is not good


  2. iamlaksh1 Says:

    Yes. This is possible. You have convert incoming data in suitable format by which you can plot on map. There are several samples available in ESRI Forum. Anyway I will email you some samples your id.

  3. Eko SW Says:

    I have problem, but It will be solve I think.
    Here :

    That is, I can not create different label for TrackingLayer.

    But I think the link above suffice my problem very well
    (haven’t try it though)


  4. Required Says:

    Very useful. Thanks a lot.

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