Eclipse IDE integration with ArcGIS Server Java Tips and Tracks

Here is link which guides you to integrate ArcGIS Server Java with Eclipse.

Though the ESRI explains the integration well, there are some more points which you have to keep in mind for success integration.

1.  Verify Java JDK in your machine. Check the version using DOS command, javac – version to test latest JDK installed in your machine. Note that for AGS 9.2 you need  Java 1.5.x version.  Here, problem is if you have already installed Oracle client or any othere program which installs Java SDK by default will give you head ache. So, I suggest you to check all “Add or Remove Program’ to find other versions.  If you found older versions like 1.4.x, uninstall it. Now download latest JDK 1.5.x from website and install in your machine.

You may also need to update JDK version  for other softwares like Oracle client through ‘Path’ variable under ‘Environment Variables’ on ‘My computer’  properties.  

2. Now JDK 1.5.x is installed successfully in your machine.

3. Download Eclipse 3.2 – Eclipse WTP 1.5.x – Download from

4. For using ArcGIS Server Templates and samples, you need ArcGIS Server Plugins. Follow the steps in the link

5. How to test wheather your installation is successful, three simple tests

    1. You can see new ‘ArcGIS’ item in  Eclipse Menu
    2. ArcGIS Server path will be automatically added in ‘ArcGIS’ node under ‘Preferences’ under ‘Window’ menu.
    3. From file click ‘New Project’, new project window will have new nodes ‘ESRI Templates’ with two sub nodes for Engine and Server. Ref below figure 


I hope this post will be helpful for integration Eclipse with AGS Java version.

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