Resources for Programmers!

This post will help give all the resources for a new programmer with respect to ESRI Products. One of best thing about ESRI is they are not only giving products but helps the user with good set of documentation. There are lots and lot of documents, whitepaper, tutorials etc. So, here am going to list all resources which ESRI offers.

  • User manuals and docs of software installed in the machine is found under installed folder YourDrive:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Documentation. These user manuals helps for how to use the product.
  • WWW.ESRI.COM website provides you all complete help for a developer
    • ‘Download section’ provides you  the latest software updates, patches and bug fixes, samples, user contributed ArcScripts, data models, geoprocessing models and scripts, and evaluation software.
    • ‘Knowledge Base’ section provides you find the information you need by searching ESRI’s database of known bugs, “how-to” documents, white papers, system requirements, and common error messages for all of our software.
    • ‘User Forums’ sections facilitates user to post their query to the forum the questions will be answered by other developers
    • ‘ArcScripts’ section provides you ready made codes on several topics. ESRI developers post the code they have developed for general users purpose. You can  There are lot of utitilites and samples one can find out.
    • ESRI Virtual Campus offers wide variety of online tutorials in video format. There are lot of courses available at free of cost. One can register and make use of them. These courses will be building blocks of the developer
    • EDN : ESRI Developer Network  “Learn from your fellow GIS developers through the various EDN community resources; ask and answer questions on the developer Discussion Forums, download samples built by ESRI staff and contribute your own samples through the Code Exchange, or take a peek inside ESRI via the Media Center”.
    • ESRI blogs on their products to unknow updated information by the developers
    • Exploring ArcObjects Volume I and II are handbook for ArcGIS Developers
    • Others like ESRI podcast series, ESRI Books  etc available.

Note : This post will be updated regularly 

Update 1 : June 5, 2008: ESRI Cannada Site has some Articles and Tutorials Click here


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