Getting Started!

This is my first post. Everyone who aspire to become GIS developer but doesnt know where to start, this post will server you an answer. You may come from data development background or fresh graduate coming out of college or worked in different profession and now shifting to GIS programming. Everyone has a question, Where do I start?.

Here am going to discuss GIS development with respect to ESRI Products. There are many other companies in GIS market, but my experience predominently with ESRI products. So further reading gives you detailed insight.

Let me assume you have a GIS knowledge/background, but newbie in programming, and having strong interest to develop yourself as a developer. How I do I achieve it?.

Do you aware of ESRI products?. If no, here is breif introduction,  ESRI has Desktop products (ArcGIS 9.x ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcToolbox), Server Products (ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS) and Mobile Products (ArcPad) and Developer products like MapObjects and ArcEngine and many others. Refer

For a beginner, I suggest you to start learning with MapObjects. You may think, when world is running fast with Server Technology, why do this guy suggesting MapObjects. Answer is simple, always move from simple to harder. ESRI almost about to stop MapObjects support. But still  I believe, this is right place to start your hands on. In addition MapObjects evaluation version comes for 90 days trail where you can freely start your learning without any overheads.

Ooops!.. am not brand ambassador to MapObjects,  but MO has wonderful features and best product to begin with . 

Fine. I hope you might be convienced with my explanation. Else, if you have some programming background you can proceed with VBA samples. What you say?


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